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Meet our Wales Rising Stars 5.0 City Winners

Talent Intuition

Stratigens software provides strategic decision intelligence. Its mission is to help companies join the dots between workforce and workplace so that they make decisions that are data-led, fast and cost effective. The software helps companies decide where to grow, how to grow and how to improve workforce diversity while doing so.


Uddr is an app that allows people to find and connect with local services and trades. The app has Whatsapp and instant messaging integrated within it to simplify communication and quotes provision. Essentially, the app allows small businesses to get seen and connect with more customers easily, effectively and efficiently, without these small businesses having ‘to break the bank’.

Pai Language Learning

By harnessing the world’s extensive multilingual language data collection. Pai Language Learning is a multilingual NLG (Natural Language Generation) is on a mission to use data-driven approaches to deliver solutions that enable better communication, break down barriers and facilitate effective collaboration between the entire human population.


Intuitix is a platform for measuring, analysing, forecasting and reporting the impact of projects. It helps organisations to achieve their strategic goals, by revealing insights into project success factors and ensuring compliance with sustainability reporting mandates. The Intuitix platform is designed to save time and reduce risks by revealing insights through a combination of automation, centralisation and data analysis.


Haia is an online and hybrid events platform which won’t leave anyone out. At each step, from organising to attending an event, Haia is intuitively designed, so that even new users can focus on engaging with the content without worrying about the tech. Haia brings the human connection back to events.

Haia has developed an agenda-building system which is timeline-based rather than list-based; Haia Stages. They not only allow you to build complex events over several days super easily, they enable your attendees to follow the event in a familiar, linear style. This feature makes arranging an event much more intuitive and less time-consuming. It enables anyone to be able to understand not only what will happen in the event, but also when and how long for.

Used and Loved

Used and Loved is a search engine for second-hand and borrowing options across the UK. The business strongly focuses on user experience and innovation to improve the whole experience around not buying new. The platform aims to educate and help people discover items, through blogs, suggested searches and curated lists (coming soon).

Graphium Technologies

Graphium develops new technologies to help streamline the R&D process for organisations across the globe by making complex data easier to digest. Through its B2B software, Graphium transforms collective research into an interactive, visual map, which is helpful for research teams in gaining valuable insights that can guide research strategy decisions and enable them to identify gaps, trends, and interconnections across the research.

Virtus Tech

Virtus Tech is Cardiff-based virtual reality company. Its mission is to provide companies with a no-code solution to build a library of unlimited interactive VR training simulations which is also accessible on any device. Its all-in-one VR platform provides industry professionals with the tools to create their own virtual training content quickly and effectively where employees can be immersed in a 360-degree ‘real world’ scenario as well as interacting with 3D digital learning objects around for high knowledge transfer, saving businesses time and money.


Trovalo is a data marketplace that aims to reduce the time it takes to find and purchase datasets. Using artificial intelligence, Trovalo matches datasets and streamlines legal processes based on specific client needs.

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Midlands City Winners

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Eyezilla acts as the second pair of eyes for teams in the hospitality industry. It helps to recommend improvements to operations by observing the venues via CCTV cameras. Eyezilla uses proprietary computer vision algorithms to see and collect information about critical workflow data, unlike any other traditional system. At the core of Eyezilla analysis is guest journey tracking. Without the use of any personal identifiable information, Eyezilla tracks time guests spend on different activities during their visit, such as waiting in a queue, waiting for food or to make an order. With the combination of sales, staffing and reviews data our platform performs in-depth analysis of operations helping to streamline operations, build better teams and increase guest satisfaction.

Hospitality Digital Services

Hospitality Digital Services has developed a suite of appless services which are designed to increase revenue opportunities, improve internal processes, provide clear and concise reporting, lower running costs, and improve performance and communication whilst also encouraging its customers to become more sustainability-minded.

Inicio AI

Inicio AI helps businesses an alternative solution to capture more accurate and detailed Income and Expenditure financial information on behalf of their customers. Using AI technology, the platform allows users to self-serve, and complete the I&E process while receiving the assistance and support needed to ensure high-quality and consistent data collection. Due to cheaper collection methods and more effective payment plans, organisations are able to see a return on investment.


Tuck. is an open banking-powered rewards platform that provides large hospitality groups with a full 360 view of their customers using bank-level data. Hospitality groups use tuck. to provide their customers with a reward and in return, they get access to valuable customer insights that supercharge their marketing efforts. They can understand:

  • Who is spending with them
  • Where else are their customers’ spending (incl. competitors)
  • Customer habits and spending frequency

With the platform, brands can quickly begin profiling consumers, understanding their spending habits and know how they like to spend their income through one powerful data analytics dashboard. No more do they have to depend on cookies or scroll data to run their marketing and operational processes.


Direx is an early-stage startup that is building the core digital commerce infrastructure to power the travel and tourism industry, starting with the African market through a flagship product. The solution is at the intersection of fintech, e-commerce, and travel tech, and target customers are MSMEs like tour operators and travel agencies. Adesal is committed to providing them with the top-notch technology and support they need to manage their businesses online in a more affordable and efficient way.

Digital INNK

Digital INNK connects vehicle drivers, fleet owners, operators, and suppliers through it’s product ViSN. ViSN is a SaaS platform and app that facilitates services digitally in the automotive market.

AppScore Technology Ltd

AppScore is a SaaS platform that helps partners and businesses assess, plan and execute cloud migration and modernisation. The business focuses on simplification, accuracy and consistency to build features which help customers make and execute the right decisions for their unique cloud journey. It works closely with the main public cloud vendors and integrates with many other tools and platforms, providing an intuitive, centralised platform for all stages of the cloud journey. AppScore also provides professional services to help customers and partners get their cloud journey started, saving time for scarce technical resources.


Lexverify is a lawtech AI powered assistant platform that helps companies prevent legal and compliance risks proactively by leveraging the power of AI.​


iEthico is developing an AI powered digital platform to mitigate the increasing problem of global drug shortages to ensure optimal sourcing and distribution of existing supplies in a timely and logistically efficient manner. The final product will not only ensure medicines supply in times of need but will ultimately address inequality in access to medicines and reduce carbon footprint of pharmaceutical distribution and waste by improved efficiency.

Helixx Industries Ltd

The traditional automotive industry needs updating; for too long its complex and centralized manufacturing process has ensured slow, inefficient, labour-intensive operations to the point where it is now impossible to gain any more value. This issue combines with a fragile supply chain and rising transport costs so that the value of the end consumer product starts to recede. Enter Helixx: a factory in a box. Helixx’s focus on supply chain first warrants smart, ubiquitous mobility for the mobility-as-a-service revolution. The unique vehicle delivery process guarantees a simplified approach by locating factories in the areas of demand and using local supply chain integration to harvest materials and components for individual vehicle clusters. This, twinned with Helixx DNA, the custom digital architecture, guarantees vehicles in service, demand always fulfilled and a priceless easing on earth’s already stressed environment. It provides locally manufactured, economical and environmental mobility.

Investors in Community

Investors in Community (IIC) is a digital platform that helps companies coordinate, track, verify and prove their charitable giving. Through building a better and more cohesive society, IIC aims to reduce the negative impact humans have on the environment. It connects individuals, organizations, and community groups to charities, not-for-profit organizations, and community groups in our society.

North East City Winners

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Fundify is the search engine for Grant Funding. The product is based on the belief that there is value in understanding and controlling information about where and how £960bn of charitable grant income is distributed annually. Fundify collects and builds data profiles that will give charities and charity fundraisers a competitive edge, significantly increasing their ROI, success rates and efficiency gains of between 5-95% by reducing research time and the need for external resources.

Global Teacher CIC

Global Teacher’s mission is to empower one million marginalised students, through education, using its offline and off-grid EdTech products. Global Teacher have designed and manufactured the world’s first 3D-printed, solar-powered educational learning system which aims to put world-class educational content in the heart of marginalised classrooms across the developing world. The entire Pod system, custom classroom projector with a computing chip, wireless remote, solar panel and battery pack has been designed for harsh environments where schools have no internet or electricity. This allows students and educators all over the world to take advantage of digital educational content that can be taught offline, off-grid, anytime, anywhere.


Reveela’s platform offers business and the media industries a secure way to collaborate, co-create and distribute hyper-personalised content worldwide, to drive engagement efforts and grow audiences. Through the use of its unique patent-pending technology and big data analytics, Reveela connects publishers, journalists and niche business communities for mutual benefit by applying artificial intelligence to drive efficiencies, and provide valuable insight into hidden layers of unstructured data.

Vibbl Limited

Vibbl reduces teacher workload by enabling better, faster and more collaborative feedback. Teachers in England work on average 54 hours a week according to the governments own workload survey. The job is unsustainable with the National Education Union reporting this year that 44% of teachers want to leave the profession by 2027. There are now more trained teachers outside of the classroom than in it. One of the biggest causes of teachers’ inflated workload comes from marking. Vibbl provides an efficint solution for teachers to provide meaningful verbal feedback through their phone with the following 3 steps: 1. Teachers snap the student’s work 2. Teachers record their verbal feedback 3. Teachers send their feedback to their students Vibbl also provides a suite of extra tools such as student perception assessments, coaching workflows, feedback on feedback and data categorisation.


PulmoBiomed is developing technology and product design for a medical device to capture and analyze exhaled breath, which contains a wealth of biomarkers that can detect and be used to monitor over 40 disease states.

HumanWisdom Ltd

The HumanWisdom app is a subscription-based wellness app designed to help children, teenagers, parents and adults discover more about themselves, as well as get to the bottom of and overcome issues such as stress and anxiety. The app provides meditation, videos, podcasts, events, a forum, and guided questions.

Safer Date Ltd

When it comes to online dating, Safer Date is about safety. Its platform offers real-time biometric ID checks to remove fake profiles, catfish and scam accounts. As part of its global criminal background checks, Safer Date also protects users from online crimes such as fraud, assault, stalking, harassment and even murder. It aims to revolutionise the online dating industry by proactively reducing online dating crimes.

Grid Finder

Grid Finder is where racers find racing. Using its online platform, Grid Finder gathers Sim racing leagues and communities from across the internet in one place. The company adds value to these communities by building useful community management tools to serve the unsung heroes of the gaming community, community managers and admins. Grid Finder is used by over 40,000 drivers every month to discover their drivers in over 2000 sim racing communities.


SportFin is a startup on a mission to preserve and grow the positive impact community sport has in society and culture. Just in the UK, community sport clubs help generate over £71 billion a year in social value, through the health, education and societal development impacts they generate. However, 4/5 of these organisations struggle to meet their funding targets, and 2/5 are facing an existential crisis which threatens significant social value in our communities. These sport clubs struggle to access funding, as they are required to evidence their outcomes, which needs time and expertise – which are scarce in these volunteer-run organisations. The SportFin platform helps bridge this gap between sport clubs and their funding. The platform is a ‘first-of-its-kind’ digital tool that allows sport clubs to automate the evidencing of their outcomes by simply digitising their daily activities, and leverage it to fundraise better through various social financing solutions.

Rove Technologies

Rove connects health and wellness businesses to wearable health & fitness data. Rove works with fitness apps to outsource connections to fitness software like Garmin, Fitbit, Apple/Google Health, etc. Rove does this by acting as an API connector which allows developers on any platform to request access to user wearable data. Rove then standardises this data format to make it easy for developers to use in their apps.

Northern Ireland City Winners

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Bioledger Ltd

Bioledger provides SAAS for biofuel supply chain traceability and compliance for businesses regulated by the EU Renewable Energy Directive. This includes all oil companies, biofuel producers, agricultural producers, and waste management companies. The Bioledger Mobile and Web applications help businesses track the sustainability impact and physical movement of their agricultural and waste biomaterials according to accounting practices dictated by EU regulation. This system replaces the traditional paper and excel based systems that are vulnerable to human error, inefficiencies, and fraud.

Inclutech Ltd

There has never been such a focus on public safety than now. Inclutech’s software helps people feel safe and secure in an emergency and enables them to know what to do and when to do it. Inclutech focuses on building greater inclusion and access, shaped by research and user-centric design. Not only will the technology save lives now, but also help to predict and prevent future emergencies.


NeuroCONCISE sells award-winning wearable neurotechnology for measuring neural signals and enabling movement-independent communication/interaction through brain-computer interfaces, targeting assistive and augmentative communication devices and cognitive and physical rehabilitation technology. Its neurotech services present a complete neurotechnology platform including hardware and software as well as state-of the-art AI solutions for translating brainwaves into control signals along with leading neurotech expertise enabling our customers, including clinical teams, other businesses, research institutes and government agencies to research, develop and deliver new neurotechnology research and products across a range of sectors and applications. NeuroCONCISE technology is accessible to anyone interested in measuring and modulating neural signals and enabling movement-independent communication and interaction with technology.


eXRt Intelligent Healthcare is a medtech business seeking to create a sustainable and self-managed physio platform to mobilise stroke survivors. It strives to bring the latest in innovation, creativity and ingenuity to its products to ensure accessible physio to those that need it. Its ReNeuro product is a connected-health virtual reality physio software platform that allows stroke survivors to use fun physiotherapy-based games to increase engagement and adherence to their physio program at their own home. The product and innovation is based on decades of research conducted to create a unique artificial intelligence (AI) that tailors the physio games to each patient’s movement skills creating a balanced rehabilitation program essential for remote home rehabilitation. It has developed a cloud-enabled web app so physiotherapists can remotely monitor and manage all their patients’ progress which has not been possible before.

Respiratory Analytics Ltd

aflo® is a deep-tech respiratory management platform, including an automated inhalation technique monitoring device, real-time user App, clinical portal and data analytics hub. This platform delivers improved symptom control and remote monitoring for asthma and COPD. Aflo®’s platform automates all the steps of Metered Dose Inhaler technique, including aggregating adherence risks and environmental triggers, to ensure optimal lung deposition and symptom control.

Anneal Limited

Anneal designs collaborative software to speed up multidisciplinary, R&D-heavy engineering. The cloud-based software helps facilitate, capture, and store technical discussions, commentary, and design parameters that drive the design of physical goods. It offers functionality that ranges from engineering-oriented tasks and fault management to tooling that supports auditable peer review of technical drawings, or formal release and version control of design parameters—whether it’s a simple shaft diameter or a multidimensional compressor map.

Enzai Technologies Limited

Enzai provides a lifecycle management tool that allows users to document and govern their AI systems. With Enzai’s platform, organisations can develop governance structures for their AI, measure compliance against policies, analyse gaps, and impose governance gates prior to deployment.

Seven Software Ltd

7 has created a platform that aims to help businesses make interactions with their customers more human. It does that currently through the medium of short-form video with an embedded call to action, making it super simple for the end viewer. It aims to make it even easier for the business by automating when certain video messages are sent. For example, you would get a video from the salesperson you dealt with a month after you purchased an item checking in to make sure everything is ok. This then allows opportunities for upselling through payment links, for example.

South East City Winners

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Stitcht is an agency with proprietary technology heping brands to engage their audience and source authentic user-generated video content from them through a tech platform and a unique conversation-based approach. The user-generated video content is then used as highly valuable and effective digital marketing material.

When the content is shared in digital marketing channels for the brand, they see results such as an increase on Return On Ad Spend, reduction on customer acquisition and increased engagement rates.

Cook My Grub

South East-based Cook My Grub is an online artisan home-cooked food delivery marketplace. Cook My Grub offers a variety of home-cooked meals to order from over 100 home and artisan chefs around the UK.

Quantum Dice

Quantum Dice develops cybersecurity innovations based on quantum technology. Random number generation is a ubiquitous raw material of all digital interactions and security keys.The Quantum Dice is elevating the way these keys are created and verified securely. Its Quantum Random Number Generator (QRNG) gives visibility and live proof of the performance and speed of your source of encryption keys, while protecting against attack and tampering with the hardware.

Kiteline Health

Kiteline Health wants to make it as easy as possible for everyone to be proactive about their health. The company empowers people with long-term conditions and wellbeing needs to improve their lives through health coaching, bite-sized interactive learning, and practical tools. Kiteline Health takes a lifestyle medicine-led, evidence-based approach to content development, and a health coaching approach to instil behaviour change.

Nuon’s vision is to apply AI across the full insurance product lifecycle, from the quote and purchase stage to claims and renewal. The company’s AI is differentiated from other AI pricing providers, who use AI to retrospectively inform traditional pricing models. Nuon AI is the only platform able to provide an adjusted price recommendation live in realtime to reflect the current market.


OneShot is a fully autonomous sales prospecting solution for B2B companies. OneShot removes the need to hire sales people to generate new business meetings. OneShot integrates with customers’ CRM provider, understands their ICP and uses AI to create highly personalised messages to target new accounts.

Hunch Sports Ltd

Hunch’s social platform combines the best of Fantasy Sports, Social Gaming and Social Media, delivering a new way to compete, bet against and play with friends.


Artscapy is the most comprehensive platform dedicated to art buying, collecting and investing. The platform is redefining this by removing archaic and opaque business practices and consolidating under one roof a fragmented digital ecosystem.
It answers to only one stakeholder: the art buyer.
By meeting every art buyer needs, Artscapy is capturing the demand side of the industry at an incredible pace.
The platform encompasses every touch point of the collecting journey: from discovering a curated selection of museum-grade art to buy; organising and tracking the value of the collection; certifying and keeping a record of provenance on the blockchain; to insurance and compliance (Know Your Customer/Business and Anti-Money Laundering).


The UJJI platform is a corporate training platform that utilises gamification, behavioural sciences, and on-demand bite-sized content to enhance the learning and development process of employees. Solutions Ltd is an all-in-one labelling solution for commercial kitchens with features and functionality that improve efficiency and reduce waste management. The LABL.IT printer system has been designed to be the fastest, easiest and most affordable Natasha’s Law label solution for businesses of all sizes.


ESGgen is a SMEs accounting grade, plug-and-play SaaS for non-financials that offers technology that automates the work of Certified Public Accountants (CPAs) in assuring non-financial or sustainability data. ESGgen automatically sources and screens energy bills, tests for materiality, randomly samples material suppliers’ invoices, calculates scope 1, 2, and 3 emissions using GHG protocols, reports on current vs prior year, and signs-off results in line with ISAE 3000 and CPA professional codes of conduct and ethics.

WiggleDesk Limited

WiggleDesk makes it really easy to manage hybrid working. WiggleDesk is a B2B SaaS product with a web platform that allows organisations to create or upload their office spaces, including desks, meeting rooms, parking spaces, lockers and anything bookable.

Staff can book any space with one click via the photo-realistic rendered 3D floorplans.

WiggleDesk allows for the easy management of ‘multi-preference hybrid working’. Allowing for multiple preferred working styles such as:
– ‘X days in the office per week’
– ‘In office on set days’
– ‘Hybrid free choice’
– ‘WFH’
– ‘WFO with permanent desks’.

Lime Track Limited

Limetrack is a data-driven food waste technology company. Through a combination of user focus, Smart Bins, data collection and Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) recording, the solution provides low friction and cost-effective separation, collection, tracking, reporting and analysis of commercial food waste from individual businesses of all sizes; from those that produce 0.5kg of “tea bags and banana skins” to high-throughput food service organisations producing 100’s kgs of food waste per week from multiple outlets.

ikonik Limited

Sport Vision Labs (SVL) has developed a grassroots sports engagement platform – ikonik. With AI driving an automatic cameraman and player tracking, ikonik makes sport more fun, increases participation and generates more income for venue owners.

ikonik adds to the passion players have for their sport, providing highlights, playback, stats and streaming only seen at an elite level, increasing their experience with great social content.
Using a custom-built, low-cost, automatic camera, Sport SVL use AI to track the ball and individual players. ikonik records and streams the output in real-time, allowing participants to view, analyse and share the game output.

The ikonik platform is aimed at small-sided sports venues – initially 5-a-side football but also sports like basketball, netball, and lacrosse – enabling them to offer the recording and streaming of games.

NavLive Limited

NavLive is a spinout from the University of Oxford which aims to address the multi-billion dollar problem of error in the construction industry. Using handheld sensor technology, the product can compare the as-built to the 3D CAD model of a building in real-time, enabling errors to be prevented and creating a detailed construction record.

East of England City Winners

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Advatech Healthcare Europe Ltd

Care Safe Mobility is a digital safeguarding and services provider for disabled, elderly and non-emergency patients. Our technology enables stakeholders to see live journeys using CCTV streaming along with remote medical monitoring. This helps us to protect and safeguard vulnerable and disabled people all over the world while they are in care homes or on the move. The use of Care Safe Mobility’s software can lead to a reduction in domestic abuse cases.


Purrmetrix provides better insights into building performance by combining energy and environmental data from a redeployable IoT toolset. This can generate powerful analyses of housing performance that improve the delivery of housing and heating decarbonisation.

Its portable, flexible toolset gives high quality data on each home – perfectly fitted to the needs of landlords and their supply chain in retrofit projects. The ultimate goal is that no decisions about upgrading homes are taken without real data on their performance. Purrmetrix tools and data can be used by everyone – from the heating engineer to the asset manager – to underpin their decisions.


Diometer’s Flexifarm platform is designed for farmers (growers of arable and horticultural produce) who want to reduce operating costs in a world without subsidies, as well as measure and reduce their carbon footprint as they aim for net-zero.


SomaServe is a drug delivery company with a focus on the targeted delivery of advanced therapeutics

SomaServe’s PolyNaut platform addresses the ‘delivery problem’ for intracellular, targeted delivery of nucleic acid-based therapeutics and protein therapeutics. This includes mRNA, siRNA, pDNA and ASOs, and may include gene-editing shortly

PolyNaut technology addresses shortcomings of viral or lipid-based delivery technologies by encapsulating a range of therapeutic modalities into polymer nanovesicles that are stable in biological conditions, can penetrate biological barriers such as the blood-brain barrier effectively, and selectively target different tissues and cell types

The company is exploiting the technology through a dual strategy of collaboration with ‘blue chip’ Pharma, and internal pipeline development in genetic diseases.

Arma Karma

Arma Karma is a monthly insurance subscription, designed to offer millions of renters a flexible way to cover up to five valuable items wherever they go, inside, outside and abroad.
They can pick up to five items that matter most, from gadgets to musical instruments, or even bicycles.

The ‘Karma’ in Arma Karma stands for their good model in which 25% of their commission goes to a charity of the customers’ choice at point of purchase, earning them a B-Corp certification alongside the likes of Ben and Jerry’s and Innocent Smoothies.

BraveGoose Ltd

BraveGoose’s interactive SaaS Human Resources Technology application walks subscribers through any aspect of people management and human resources challenges.

Designed to target the skills of mid-level managers, the largest contribution to the welfare and wellbeing of modern workforces, CleverGoose educates its users in the moment that they need it. The CleverGoose software democratizes human resources and management skills, making them available to all subscribers on the platform. Users are able to access strong, commercial management and HR knowledge, at any time and in any place making users better managers with better understanding of how best to support their employees. The company provides this software to organisations that are looking for a way to empower and upskill their managers.

Paua Tech Limited

Paua is building the Electric Fuel Card of the future that will help fleets decarbonise by improving the public charging experience with innovative solutions. With 20,000 EV charge points on one EV charge card, this is the UK’s largest roaming network for business, coupled with a powerful mobile app, drivers can find, charge, and pay across the UK.

In the UK, the NHS is estimated to lose £5B annually due to unwarranted varation in care.Thousands of clinical guidelines are published every day, and healthcare professionals cannot keep up. 70% of clinicians use Google at least once a day for professional purposes, and it is estimated that fully half of searches by clinicians are abandoned at the point of care, leading to poorer patient outcomes and increased costs. helps clinicians quickly find answers to their questions at the point of care. Instead of Googling for the right information among numerous fragmented and siloed sources, clinicians can use to find bite-sized, evidence-based information to provide best-practice care to patients. can save clinicians time, increase adoption of best practices and reduce costs due to unwarranted variation in care.

Versed AI

Versed AI applies cutting-edge academic research to solve real-world supply chain problems using AI. The company focuses on providing organisations with AI supply chain intelligence by delivering valuable and actionable insights to enable clients to monitor, manage and mitigate risk. Using their technology, organisations can map multi-tier supply chains, reveal patterns and illuminate missing links in supply chain networks.

The Choral Hub Limited

The Choral Hub is a platform that empowers everyone to find the power in their voice. Singing is a fundamental aspect of the human experience, yet, many claim “I can’t sing.”
The app offers an entry point & structure for developing a daily singing routine that is centred on mindfulness & well-being. It is supplemented by an accessible online singing community, classes & a B2B singing for wellness programme which delivers in-person group singing workshops for organisations.

Oomph Ventures Limited

Oomph Ventures Ltd is a cleantech start-up business looking to disrupt the current EV charging model. The company has designed and developed the technology for off-grid, rapid mobile EV charging which, when charged by renewable energy and delivered in electric vehicles, will directly support business net-zero goals. Not only will this technology help to remove barriers to EV ownership and accelerate EV uptake but will provide new business opportunities for on-demand, low-carbon e-mobility subscription-based services.

Metaverse Tech Ltd

Metaverse Tech Ltd aims to disrupt how young people learn through immersive technology and innovative business models. The company’s ambition is to drive social mobility and make quality education more accessible for all. The company launched its first platform ‘VBuddies’ Beta in November 2022, a social metaverse EdTech platform for young people looking to develop their foreign language skills.

Shop Greenr Ltd

Shop Greenr is on a mission to build a sustainable shopping community in the UK. Its marketplace brings together ethical brands making sustainable products across a range of categories. Shop Greenr’s online platform enables shoppers to make more informed, sustainable choices by providing them with innovative impact stats. The impact calculator shows the carbon, water and plastic saved when customers choose products on the Greenr platform by comparing them to mainstream options. This makes buying easier, more transparent, and relevant to a wider audience.

RippleXn Ltd

RippleXn safeguards brands using social video influencers from costly fines & reputational damage.

The rules are unchanged, as influencer marketing becomes increasingly popular: financial or incentivised relationships with a brand mean that influencers must declare that relationship to their audience. In regulatory terms, this is known as self-declaration, the brand is liable wherever in the world the content can be viewed, and #AD is not enough. RippleXn’s SaaS uses proprietary NLP and machine learning to overcome these regulatory issues and audit social video 50x faster than a human.

Vision Intelligence Limited

By providing continuous real-time insights on manual production operations, Vision Intelligence helps manufacturers increase productivity by reducing defects, improving training and reducing waste through advanced video and telemetry analytics for manual assembly in manufacturing. Vision Intelligence’s core business is developing, implementing, and supporting VIOLET AI, which drives the outline capabilities.


KRAI is kindling Robotics and Artificial Intelligence at the Edge.

Yorkshire City Winners

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Interact DC

Interact’s machine-learning tool reduces data centre energy use, emissions, and waste by analysing server efficiency and suggesting optimal hardware replacements, often matching compute power with lower energy use, cost, and emissions. It is non-intrusive, secure, and accessible; analysis can be conducted remotely using only the current hardware configurations and the use case. This removes barriers to entry by avoiding performance or data-security impacts. The recommendations are vendor-neutral and also consider refurbished hardware when this would be the optimal option in terms of cost, energy use, or performance. Interact is based on the findings of a pioneering research project that showed that refurbished servers can be as reliable and efficient as new. Interact is underpinned and substantiated by ground-breaking peer-reviewed science published in two leading academic journals (IEEE and Elsevier).

JUST: Access Ltd

Purrmetrix provides better insights into building performance by combining energy and environmental data from a redeployable IoT toolset. This can generate powerful analyses of housing performance that improve the delivery of housing and heating decarbonisation.

Its portable, flexible toolset gives high-quality data on each home – perfectly fitted to the needs of landlords and their supply chain in retrofit projects. The ultimate goal is that no decisions about upgrading homes are taken without real data on their performance. Purrmetrix tools and data can be used by everyone – from the heating engineer to the asset manager – to underpin their decisions.

Scaled Insights EMEA Limited

Diometer’s Flexifarm platform is designed for farmers (growers of arable and horticultural produce) who want to reduce operating costs in a world without subsidies, as well as measure and reduce their carbon footprint as they aim for net-zero.

Scaled Insights AI addresses the challenge of modern medicine: The 10 Minute Doctors’ Visit.

Doctors (and Nurse Practitioners) are being forced to spend less time with more patients. This is causing them to look at specific symptoms and offer spot treatments, generally in the form of prescriptions.

Scaled Insights’ AI solution helps Practitioners understand their patients and convince them to take steps towards better health and compliance, beyond tablets.

Scaled Insights’ AI charges Pharmas, Medical Device Manufacturers, and Health Payors (like the NHS), to license its technology and make it available to front line healthcare workers. These workers use the technology to help patients adhere to their medications, make the lifestyle changes needed to be healthier and make the treatment choices that will yield the best outcomes for them.

Answer Pay

Answer Pay secures bill payments in banking apps. Its certified “Payments as a Service” platform connects banks to Request to Pay, the new messaging standard for experience-rich payments. Complementing existing payment infrastructure, it gives payees the ability to request a payment and send an invoice using their corporate bank interface. Payers can then aggregate and control when and how each request is paid using their retail bank app.

Fulton Industries

When you have better images you sell more online. In a world where consumers’ buying decisions take place in less than 2 seconds, using high quality images is very important. Better Images by Frame helps e-Commerce websites to generate high-quality product images to improve sales performance. The company analyses the website’s current set of images and scores them out of 100 based on sales impact. It then produces better images automatically so the site can sell more without going back to the studio. This increases conversion and reduces cart abandonment.

Biostress Lab ltd

The way in which workplace stress is managed is being redefined by BIOStress. The company measures workplace stress objectively using biometric data and then uses this data to create customised solutions for both individuals and organisations. Their BIO product produces observable gains in productivity and well-being.

Ferrio Limited

With Ferrio, automating business processes is easy. Ferrio provides software that makes it simple to link business applications and automate a wide range of business activities. The business software is available for companies of all sizes.

Qomodo Ltd

qomodo is developing a mobile app and plug-in device to help UK residents protect their homes from cyber threats. qomodo’s device provides customers with the ability to protect their homes and connected devices from cyberattacks, requiring no technical skills – the mobile app enables customers to apply a VPN to any device as well as be alerted to any suspicious activities. For homes around the globe, the app and plug-in device offers a streamlined, intelligent, and easy-to-use home security solution.

GeoStories Ltd

GeoStories is a new storytelling screen-based immersive product. GeoStories was formed to create a product that could gain traction in key areas – branded content, second screen content for media and broadcast, and consumer-based ‘canva for storytelling’. The United-based app is now available on Google Play and App Store. A back-end CMS can generate future GeoStories with AR, screen, audio and GPS coordinates into the app. GeoStories plans to develop with gamification, increased AR interactivity, 360 video and other features. As a Unity based app, it is ready to adopt emerging tech, such as smart glasses and other wearable tech.

Humans Not Robots Ltd

Humans Not Robots is a data platform based in Yorkshire that provides analytics and advisories to make video operations cheaper and more sustainable. Media and broadcast organisations can manage a cleaner, cheaper, and faster media supply chain with Humans Not Robots. By automatically understanding what goes on within media operations at a very granular level, and by applying advanced machine learning techniques to identify optimisations and savings within those operations, they are able to reduce the environmental impact of video streaming by 30% over the next ten years.

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2Hand/ Rumage

Rumage is an aggregation solution that places all second-hand marketplaces into one website. It’s designed to be a gateway to the re-use circular economy. Users type in what they want, and where they want to look, and Rumage delivers one set of results from all its partner sites. Filtering, quick view, categories and favourites, Rumage enables users to find what they need quickly.

Buyers guides inform users of the benefits of re-use and how to buy the best second-hand item, and any pitfalls to look for, in turn creating advocates and accelerating the transition from a linear to a circular economy.

Altered Carbon

Altered Carbon enables machines to detect scent. The company’s sensor is combined with AI to identify a scent signature or ‘a digital fingerprint’. Altered Carbon aims to build a digital signature of any scent affecting a business or needed in a product.

The scalable sensor technology can be rapidly tailored to specific applications, detect complex gas mixtures and VOCs, and run on almost zero power, and can be integrated into everyday equipment, such as a smart device.


IoTech is a smart solutions provider in ‘The Internet of Things’

The company offers a 3 pronged approach:

1: Take legacy product and transform its ability to communicate seamlessly via the Cloud

2: Develop and build a multitude of different Apps, including IoS, Android, IoT, Hybrid, PWA (Progressive Web Apps) & Native. For example, IoTech has built community apps for local government

3: Partner distributes and installs smart products from some of the world’s most innovative companies, offering the full installation and life-cycle. Some of these devices include ‘Smart Room Sensors, Microclimate weather stations, Asset Management, Assisted living and Smart Bin Sensors.

SimSage (UK)

Every company today is collecting information at unprecedented rates and storing it in multiple information silos/systems. Quickly finding that information when required has become the #1 challenge in most companies. SimSage has an AI-powered Search that quickly finds information within any of your systems (Mail, iManage, Sharepoint and many many more).

Greener Hours

Greener Hours engages households to shift their energy use to times in the day when electricity generation is at its cleanest. This is carried out through a gamified platform that provides users with a personalised view of their energy mix at any moment of the day.

Greener Hours does not focus on peak loads and electricity price – these concepts test as complex and opaque. Instead, the focus is on when energy is clean, a concept immediately grasped by consumers, and is empowering for households.


Siloton is on a mission to safeguard eyesight while giving patients the freedom to adventure. With the use of next-generation technology, automated image review and key disease extraction metrics as well as artificial intelligence, Siliton provides home-based optical coherence tomography solutions to end preventable blindness.

digiLab Solutions

digiLab Solutions exploits the value locked in models and data, through a process of data cleaning, Bayesian proxy modelling and uncertainty quantification. The methods used to create customisable digital twins using novel machine learning algorithms that clean, forecast and quantify uncertainty in data, refining decision-making and removing bias. This innovative approach builds intuitive representations of complex systems to aid decision-making. This enables industry leaders to rapidly solve problems that weren’t previously solvable, providing cost, regulatory, environmental, social and technical benefits.
The company also offers expert data science learning to its client base, working with internationally recognised data scientists.

LiBi Retail

LiBi – Love it Buy it – is an eCommerce platform that makes hotels, aparthotels and resorts shoppable. Hotels and resorts provide the opportunity for brands to connect and engage with their target consumers in luxury and lifestyle. This also generates incremental sales for hotels and resorts through commissions on every sale. In addition, it provides a tool for on-site teams to help with product and brand queries. Finally, it gives guests an enhanced 24-hour immersive shopping experience.


Amutri is a 3D Visualisation software product delivered via a Software As A Service (SaaS) model, which automates the creation, hosting, and deployment of real-time rendered 3D Visualisations.

Protolyst Technologies

Protolyst is the collaborative connected thought platform, giving teams command of their collective knowledge for deeper analysis and informed decision making.
It works with investment groups to support their collation, analysis and sharing of large volumes of written documents, giving them a tool to keep track of the most important evidence, insights and key details needed to analyse their investment opportunities. Protolyst allows these teams to build a system focused around the evidence, allowing them to introduce reconfigurable structure around otherwise disordered and difficult to manipulate text-based data.


StepStack is a mobile app which converts the users’ steps into coins which can then be spent on online discounts or donate to charity.


MeatFreed is a food community app that incentivises young people to choose more plant-based dishes. MeatFreed offers discounts to choose plant-based options at local partner businesses and brands, and the opportunity to connect with other like-minded individuals on their own plant-based journey through events and campaigns.

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VidiVet gives pet owners instant access to UK vets directly through an app from anywhere in the world at any time of day. The business provides twin apps; one of the apps offers a seamless customer journey, and the other allows vets to work remotely from their mobile devices. This gives them a truly flexible workplace anywhere in the world.

Pet parents can find support, advice and peace of mind from VidiVe’s triage service.


SoSquared is a two-sided marketplace in the influencer marketing and user-generated content space, that provides the infrastructure for brands and creators to complete successful collaborations in a timely and cost-efficient manner. SoSquared uses purpose-built identification, management, and communication functions to streamline and automate the process of hiring and managing creators. Through the use of artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms, SoSquared aims to create complete transparency so that companies can grow and scale their marketing activities while creators can accelerate their careers without the interference of a third party. By utilising no-code, SoSquared’s startup is lean and agile, allowing them to revolutionise the industry stigma surrounding no-code technologies.


Betamate Ltd is on a mission to change the way people experience live sport, by building an immersive and inclusive social gaming platform.

Rather than betting against the bookies, Betamate provide a platform for sports fans to bet against their friends (or against the Betmate community).

The company has started out with its take on Fantasy Football, with a twist. With Betamate, there are opportunities to play every single day – against the Betmate community or privately against one’s group of friends. A player simply picks the 7-a-side team they think will perform best in that fixture and can see their team move up the leaderboard in real time, scoring goals, assists, clean sheets as well as tackles and interceptions.

PollenPay UK

PollenPay UK is a buy now pay later platform that serves online, offline and e-commerce platforms.The company offers a BNPL solution for the high street and a virtual Mastercard that can be used at any online checkout.

Risk Smart

RiskSmart is a risk management platform designed specifically for SMEs. It provides a hub for all things risk management: an in-built library of customisable risks, quantifiable risk scores so you know when to take action, data-driven insights for smarter decision making and RiskSmart’s very own artificial intelligence, ARi, that helps ensure your risk management is future-facing.


myonlinecoach is a tech platform with a human touch. The platform connects high-quality coaches with individuals or employees of organisations with personal online, on-demand workplace coaching interventions.
Already with over 100 coaches in the myonlinecoach community, the company will look to diversifying into other specialist areas, such as wellbeing coaching and/or to work in partnership with others as a white-label opportunity.

Eden Fiftyone

EdenFiftyOne™ is an edtech platform that is designed to level up the standard, experience & outcomes of global English language education. By focusing on student proficiency in the 51 universal skills of the English language [across reading, writing, speaking and listening], EdenFiftyOne™ is able to offer a compact, proven and rapidly-scalable solution to support the teaching, learning and assessment of the world’s most studied language.


Liverpool-based Decently is a health tech start-up on a mission to improve patients’ lives through innovative digital products such as its first product – Melo. Melo is an AI platform that helps patients with challenging behaviours resulting from brain injury or mental health conditions.


Stipendium is an innovative platform with a suite of tools and services that have been carefully designed to allow people the ability to address major life events in a cheaper, quicker and simpler manner.
With 6 products available on the platform, each of which addresses a professional service or life event with all the tools and services in one place – such as moving home, buying a property, remortgaging, will-writing, conveyancing, financial planning and budgeting. These products completely streamline and defragment the journeys for the customer and put them in control.


Boodil is a consumer engagement platform which is powered by open banking payments. It offers merchants an alternative payment solution to cards, and provides them with a more cost effective proposition, which eliminates chargebacks and offers instant access to their funds. It also provide merchants with a more personalised overview of their customers with the enriched data e gain.
Boodil provide scustomers the opportunity to earn points from every spend the make via the Boodil payment method which can be redeemed for prizes, rewards and entries into premium prize draws. It also provides them with exclusive discounts and rewards from their preferred merchants.

Popmoji Rooms

Rooms are on a mission to make discovering and experiencing the metaverse easier. Through the platform, users will be served 3-minute metaverse experiences (rooms), available on demand and packed with blockchain-enabled rewards.

Powered by Unity, Polygon and Circle USDC and its proprietary Popmoji avatar creator toolkit. The Rooms platform is built for scale, and to achieve this, the company ensures its creators receive a fair revenue share whilst its users are rewarded for participation.

Floog Group

Floog makes booking an on-demand flight as easy as hailing a cab.  Each flight booked through Floog’s platform is 300% Carbon Negative.

Floog removes the need for consumers to involve brokers making on-demand travel more affordable and easier for both aircraft operators and fliers.

Aircraft operators can use Floog’s app to monetise their fleets and optimise their operations through Floog’s automated tools.

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Preoptima – an AI platform for real-time carbon planning of buildings and cities – transforms how and when carbon calculations for building projects are performed. Using AI generative design and unique proprietary data sets, it provides high-accuracy carbon calculations right from the very early conceptual stage of building design through the entire building lifecycle. Its concept-to-demolition scope makes Preoptima the “Carbon Hub” in building projects, resulting in building lifetime emissions reductions of 40-50% and the potential to mitigate hundreds of megatons of carbon at a global scale.

The software accompanies clients, architects, developers, consultants, local authorities, and financial institutions on their carbon journeys – helping to facilitate meaningful carbon discussions and a high level of confidence in the most stringent carbon requirements. The goal is to achieve the Paris Agreement by 2050 and sustain our precious world.


Fennex is a Scotland-based industrial cloud software company that specializes in Microsoft Cloud technologies. Experts in the development of innovative AI-powered software solutions, they help accelerate digital transformation in the offshore energy sector.

Fennex’s platform allows organizations to transform complex industry processes and workflows into automated, streamlined, and contextualised data-driven live platforms. By breaking down silos, enhancing visibility and collaboration, and turning operational assets and HSE critical data into visual indicators and insights, organizations can make faster and smarter decisions.

Biscuit Tin Planning

Biscuit Tin is a SaaS death-tech company making life admin easier for you now and easier for those you love in the future by helping you leave a digital legacy to be proud of.
The company was born from the founder’s personal experience of closing down the lives of their parents, armed with a biscuit tin of old papers
Biscuit Tin is a secure personal, digital vault that enables and empowers everyone to plan in advance, organise their information and create a digital biography of life to leave as a legacy.
But this is only the first stage; the overall mission is to create a ‘straight through’ auto process for life closedown. Research supported by the National Registers of Scotland just completed stage 2 – creating trusted digital death credentials, via Web 3.0 tech, removing the administrative paper trail duplication for the bereaved and businesses to tackle some of the death-related carbon impact.

My Customer Lens

MyCustomerLens is the always-on client intelligence platform for professional services firms.

The pandemic disrupted traditional B2B client engagement. It forced legal and accounting firms to manually gather regular feedback about clients, competitors and the wider market. As B2B adapts to hybrid working, firms are now searching for more automated and scalable ways to create active client intelligence.

MyCustomerLens was designed specifically to deliver this new omni-channel approach to client listening. The AI-based SaaS platform helps firms to bring client and market insights into the boardroom by shifting their approach from periodic and subjective data collection to active client listening.

In the digital-first economy, a competitive advantage doesn’t come from having ‘more research’ or ‘a better survey tool’. It comes from decision-makers across the firm having instant access to actionable insights, so they can make agile and evidence-based decisions. That’s MyCustomerLens.

Dream Drivers

Dream Drivers is a technology solution that provides delivery drivers and driver management software to takeaways and restaurants. The required driver schedule is input into the system where businesses allocate shifts to their drivers and publish the remaining to Dream Drivers.

Drivers have access to a driver app where they can see their scheduled shifts request shift swaps, offer shifts to other drivers, or cancel an allocated shift. The web portal gives businesses access to live driver tracking, delivery reports, and driver invoices for all drivers that have clocked into or worked at their location.

Businesses can use Dream Drivers for all driver requirements, or, as a hybrid model where they schedule their own regular drivers and publish shifts to Dream Drivers simultaneously on a regular or ad-hoc basis.


SENSEcity is an Immersive Design Studio based in Glasgow which specialises in the development of Augmented Reality (AR) and Mixed Reality (MR) experiences. It designs and develop hardware using sustainable methods and software products that bring those environments to life, focusing on the heritage and tourism sector. SENSEcity’s core product Historiscope is an Augmented Reality enabled viewing scope developed for Heritage Sites to enhance their visitor experience, increase footfall and increase income streams.

Hoolr Education

Hoolr helps organisations manage, scale, and understand their coaching cultures. As the benefits of coaching become clear for attracting and retaining talent, Hoolr’s dashboard gives managers insight into their coaching landscape by guiding internal coaches through best practices. It also manages administrative tasks, allowing them to focus on delivering coaching. For organisations, Hoolr saves them time and money by handling the entire coaching process- from the matching of coaches & coachees to understanding the return on investment from coaching.


TrackGenesis is a software technology development and consulting firm headquartered in Aberdeen. It provides blockchain systems that give companies a better way to achieve their net zero goals and give customers a way to learn about the origins of the goods they buy. For SMEs, it provides custom software applications utilising blockchain technology. While businesses are the primary clients, TrackGenesis indirectly serves consumers’ interests by giving them a tool to use to access data from sources they can rely on.. All of this is accomplished via a QR code that connects to the blockchain network and is printed on products.

TrackGenesis currently has clients in both the food & drink and fashion sectors and is now exploring Oil and Gas and the construction industries to implement blockchain solutions. It also creates applications for virtual reality and augmented reality.

OK Positive

OK Positive provides real-time engagement, support and analytics that allow organisations to identify the root causes of staff turnover, sick leave and low retention rates. The platform then provides both a communication and evaluation platform to measure the efficacy of company initiatives into wellbeing.

OK Positive utilises machine learning and AI to identify and pre-empt triggers that can cause mental health issues enabling early intervention.

We are developing this evidence-based psychological tool to use data insight to provide preventative support for our users.

Vekta Group Energy Division

VEKTA’s mission is to engineer practical solutions to impact the effects of climate change. The team believes that building a better balance between commercial and environmental drivers will help unlock the real value in energy projects.

Founded by a team of seasoned renewables engineers, VEKTA is building a SaaS platform with proven demand, serving the renewables construction and operation sectors forecast to be worth $2trn by 2030.

Danu Robotics

Danu Robotics is an Edinburgh-based cleantech startup. The team of dedicated scientists and engineers works together to develop advanced and sustainable technological solutions for the benefit of the environment.

It is currently developing a highly innovative intelligent robotic waste sorting and mining system that is sustainable, affordable, flexible, scalable and future proof. It can be used by any recycling facility worldwide regardless of its size, its current technology or location. It can support recycling activities in both developed countries and developing nations.

Microplate Dx

Microplate Dx Limited specialises in rapid antibiotic susceptibility testing diagnostics, enabling clinicians at the point-of-care, to confidently select the best choice of antibiotic to treat a patient’s infection in 30-40 minutes, significantly quicker than the current gold standard of days, reducing antimicrobial resistance and saving lives. Microplate Dx’s mission is to improve the quality of life for patients by providing antimicrobial stewardship in a cost-effective manner.

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Gemba Finance

Gemba aims to become the core of the client’s business management, the place where the value is created not just another layer between the customer and a bank. It offers a simple but robust business management tool that just works, based on banking rails.

Gemba integrates into customer’s business management software. Through this integration Gemba gets to know customer’s business better and as a result complies with current AML regulations without interrupting customer’s business processes and does less interaction with customers. It makes the lives of clients easier, leading them through bank compliance quickly and smoothly.


Businesses continue to use SMS to engage with customers, and usage is only set to increase with A2P (Application to person SMS) predicted to reach over $100bln by 2030. However SMS is not fit for purpose.
There are a lot of bad actors in the industry, creating undelivered messages, fake delivery receipts, latency, phishing, and non-GDPR compliant routes affecting the vast majority of Enterprise users. This impacts Customer engagement, revenue, churn and compliance.

Augnet resolves this. It is a deep-tech, big data, company with proprietary technologies. The comany extracts unique data through an encrypted global network of devices to validate the quality of hundreds of SMS providers. Messages sent via Augnet will be optimized via its routing algorithm.


IMERA.AI is a digital radiology technology startup. IMERA has developed advanced AI diagnostic software to analyse full body X-ray images and generate comprehensive diagnostic report, within a fraction of seconds. “IMERA Relook” is the IMERA flagship software which can be easily integrated within the existing hospital PACS system and deployed as a software-as-services on AWS, Google and Amazon cloud.

Relook software can automatically mark fractures, bone-joint arthritis, bone-cancer tumours, bone-joint deformity, soft tissues and implants problems. Relook software has been granted UKCA approval and is ready to deploy both within the NHS in the UK and in the developing world. The comprehensiveness of the Relook software makes it an attractive choice for insurance and pharma companies, who are willing to consider medical X-ray images as an additional data-point for health condition monitoring and drug decisions.


SPOKE is a music-led mindfulness app. It makes mental wellness relevant by working with the world’s best musicians and cultural leaders.
SPOKE have developed a unique method of merging neuroscience with music and lyricism, enabling people to sleep better, focus and have a more positive outlook.


A-dapt’s video learning technology called Adaptive-Media® uses AI to adapt video tutorials to people in real time, based upon human factors such as attention, positivity and learning engagement.

Form Movement

FormScore is a B2B wellness tech product. The app helps employees track and manage their own wellness by selecting a simple score out of ten and tagging icons for sleep, exercise, connections, health, financial wellness and more. The social element allows people to share their ‘FormScores’ to create moments of connection and support between friends, loved ones and trusted colleagues.

For employers, FormScore provides real time well-being analytics and insights with a HR dashboard, providing aggregated and anonymous data to understand what is driving the wellbeing of employees and teams. The platform is customisable so an employer can track well-being against factors that are relevant to them, for eg remote working, line management, workload or recognition.

Holly Health

Hoolr helps organisations manage, scale, and understand their coaching cultures. As the benefits of coaching become clear for attracting and retaining talent, Hoolr’s dashboard gives managers insight into their coaching landscape by guiding internal coaches through best practices. It also manages administrative tasks, allowing them to focus on delivering coaching. For organisations, Hoolr saves them time and money by handling the entire coaching process- from the matching of coaches & coachees to understanding the return on investment from coaching.

Holly Health is a digital health coach and daily motivation app combining psychology with technology to offer personalised, compassionate habit change coaching and nudges, for better mental and physical health.

Tally Marketplace

Tally Marketplace supports remote and hybrid teams with workspace to suit their unique needs. Supporting teams to find both full-time offices and on-demand workspace.


Naytal’s mission is to reinvent women’s reproductive healthcare for the digital age.

It is the UK’s first online health clinic created by women, for women, offering expert healthcare support during fertility, pregnancy and postnatal journeys as well as life with a new baby. Naytal is just about to launch menopause support services too.

Naytal offers convenient, accessible, on-demand consultations with women’s health experts, expert-led programmes and a personalised digital experience, delivering measurable clinical outcomes.


GoCodeGreen is a ClimateTech startup specialising in science-based carbon calculations that measure carbon footprint for software build and operation, with baselining, and action recommendations to reduce related emissions and ratings. GoCodeGreen can help organisations assess, rate, and baseline the carbon footprint of their software product, and provide actions to help you achieve carbon neutrality.

Founded by a team of seasoned renewables engineers, VEKTA is building a SaaS platform with proven demand, serving the renewables construction and operation sectors forecast to be worth $2trn by 2030.


Edumentors is an online tutoring marketplace changing how education is delivered to school students globally. The team scouts exceptionally talented tutors from top-tier universities and connect them with parents in need. By being in pupils’ shoes very recently and successfully getting into dream universities, they come out as role models, effortlessly bond with students and make learning fun and engaging. Knowing what is going on in the job market, they can guide students on a career pathway and help them connect education with future careers.
The model is tailored to tutors’ needs; they can set or increase their fees, their knowledge is monetised in multiple ways and the most talented are offered internships or full-time employment opportunities with the company. This helps attract top talent on the market.


OptimalSlope is geotechnical engineering software used to determine the optimal shape of the pitwall slopes for open pit mines.

Trumpet Software

With Trumpet, sales teams can create personalised microsites for cold outreach and onboarding through a single link and convert leads through a collaboratively digital workspace.

Twirl Technologies

Twirl is software for eCommerce companies to produce and deploy user-generated video to websites and paid social. Companies pay a monthly fee and can request video content anytime from the Twirl network of pre-vetted, high-quality UGC creators. Customers first ship their products, and then creators produce content & upload it to Twirl. Companies then one-click deploy content to their Shopify store through Twirl’s plugin. Selecting which product page (SKU) they want to use the video for, it then streams to the page whenever users browse the product.


With MoveGenius, Estate agents can streamline and automate all onboarding processes on the platform to increase exchange rates, reduce fall-throughs, and save money. This platform aligns with upcoming Trading Standards regulations to provide home buyers with more upfront information at the time of listing a property. With their innovative technology, home sellers provide data inputs, which are automated and stored securely using artificial intelligence and blockchain. MoveGenius, are on a mission to empower the buyer by providing all the information they need to make an informed and free decision based on legal analysis in an easily understandable format.

Weather Trade Net

In line with new regulatory policies, Weather Trade Net assists organisations with reporting on physical climate risks.

New policy was announced in 2022 by leading economies and has become mandatory in the UK & New Zealand. In 2023, as many as 80 000 EU/UK companies will need to disclose their climate strategies.

Through its online platform, the Weather Trade Net enables users to evaluate their Physical Climate Risk profile for each specific geography: asset-level, portfolio-level, and company-level. Its services include asset evaluation on 10 climate risks listed in regulatory policy, data that is instantly available worldwide and services that are both affordable and transparent