Fintech Delivery Panel

& Insurtech Board

Fintech Delivery Panel

Our dream team of industry experts from leading fintech startups and financial services institutions collaborate to ensure the UK continues to be the intellectual, technological and financial capital of the world for fintech.

The FDP, set up at the request of HM Treasury, develops collaborative initiatives to positively impact domestic fintech startups and accelerate their time to market.

In order to drive full transparency and accountability, we publish all FDP papers and minutes here:

If you want to get involved with the FDP or Insurtech Board, if you have any queries or require any more information, please email:

Fintech Collaboration Toolkit

In a world first, the Fintech Delivery Panel, including the UK's five biggest retail banks and fintech startups have created essential, definitive onboarding guidelines for fintechs and other SMEs looking to work with large financial institutions. For the next iteration of the guidelines, we will be working on a toolkit containing more resources for entrepreneurs.

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Insurtech Board

An FDP spinout, the Insurtech Board was set up to promote the UK insurtech agenda and help companies to scale up and compete on a global stage.

It brings together representatives from incumbent insurers, industry bodies including the Association of British Insurers, Lloyd’s of London and insurtech startups.

Papers and minutes:

FDP and Government board members:

  • Will Thorne, Innovation Leader, The Channel Syndicate, Chair (FDP)
  • Philip Brown, Head of Policy, LV= (FDP)
  • Serge Taborin, Group Digital Innovation Director, Aviva (FDP)
  • Daniel Poxon, Insurance and Pensions, HMT
  • Euan McCarthy, Policy Advisor, Pensions, Markets & Insurtech, HMT
  • Gordon Baker, Future Sectors, Business Growth Directorate, BEIS
  • Louis Barson, Head of Future Sectors, Business Growth Directorate, BEIS
  • Alan Stewart, Insurance and Markets Team, HMT
  • Thomas Price, Head of Fintech, Banking & Credit, HMT (FDP)

Industry board members: