Strengthening the UK’s position as a
global leader in the future of financial services

What is the Fintech Delivery Panel?

The Fintech Delivery Panel was established to enhance the UK’s position as a global leader in the future of financial services. Supported by HM Treasury and powered by Tech Nation, the Panel develops collaborative initiatives to strengthen the UK fintech ecosystem, help fintechs achieve scale, and create an innovative environment for further developments to the benefit of consumers. 

The Fintech Delivery Panel achieves its goals by bringing together stakeholders from across the ecosystem including financial services, fintech, investors, technology, regulators, policymakers and think tanks. More details about our Vision and Workplan can be found here.

The Insurtech Board is a standing committee of the Fintech Delivery Panel, more details can be found here.

Meet the Fintech Delivery Panel 2.0

Membership of the Fintech Delivery Panel is drawn from a diverse set of voices from across the fintech ecosystem representing different fintech verticals, regions, ecosystem role and investment level.

Fintech Delivery Panel 2.0 Minutes

07 September 2020 – Minutes

10 December 2020 – Minutes

16 March 2021 – Minutes

17 June 2021 – Minutes

30 September 2021 – Minutes

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The Fintech ecosystem

Fintech is a competitive strength for the UK economy. Building on the UK’s historic expertise in financial services, today’s fintechs are innovating in everything from open banking to insurtech, regtech, payments and more – and there is still huge potential for growth.

In 2019 UK fintechs raised £4bn, making fintech the largest tech sub-sector for investment in the UK.  UK fintechs make up nearly half of all fintech unicorns across Europe (fintechs valued over $1bn).

£4bninvested in fintech in 2019
44%of Europe’s fintech unicorns in UK

Fintech pledge 

The Fintech Pledge sets globally leading standards for the establishment of partnerships between the UK’s largest banks and fintech firms. 

It is a world first and is initially being signed by the UK’s 5 largest banks, Barclays, HSBC, Lloyds Banking Group, NatWest Group and Santander.

The Fintech Pledge is an initiative from the Fintech Delivery Panel, delivered by its onboarding working group.

Fintech Delivery Panel 1.0

The first phase of the Fintech Delivery Panel ran from 2017 – 2020. Here you can find more details on its discussions and achievements.

Fintech Collaboration Toolkit

In a world first, the Fintech Delivery Panel, including the UK’s five biggest retail banks and fintech startups have created essential, definitive onboarding guidelines for fintechs and other SMEs looking to work with large financial institutions. For the next iteration of the guidelines, we will be working on a toolkit containing more resources for entrepreneurs.

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Papers and Minutes

In order to drive full transparency and accountability, we publish all FDP papers and minutes here:

If you want to get involved with the FDP or Insurtech Board, if you have any queries or require any more information, please email:

The outlook for UK Fintech and Insurtech

At the outset of the pandemic we held a webinar with leading figures in fintech and insurtech to look at the future of both industries and how both should respond to the COVID-19 pandemic. You can catch up in full, below.

Speakers and panelists include:

  • Eileen Burbidge, Co-founder & Partner of Passion Capital, Chair of Fintech Delivery Panel and Fintech Envoy for HMT
  • John Glen MP, Economic Secretary to the Treasury and City Minister
  • Ed Leon Klinger, Co-founder & CEO of Flock, Chair of Insurtech Board, member of FIntech Delivery Panel
  • Tim Levene, Co-founder & CEO, Augmentum fintech
  • Loral Quinn, Co-founder & CEO, Sustainably

Moderated by Gerard Grech, CEO of Tech Nation

Fintech secretariat

Victoria Roberts

Director of FinTech Delivery Panel & InsurTech Board

Ravi Shukla

Head of Fintech Delivery Panel & Insurtech Board

Jemima Pitceathly

Programme Executive