What is Finclusion 2021?

Finclusion 2021 is a series of connected happenings designed to stimulate, inspire, showcase and scale fintech’s contribution to financial inclusion – from potential game-changing products and collaborations, to the here-and-now actions being driven by the UK’s leading firms reshaping financial services.

Throughout November, Finclusion 2021 presents a month-long campaign including virtual and in-person workshops, show-and-tell events, and sprint challenges; with thought leadership and discussion across social and traditional media.

Our Finclusion Advisory Committee brings fintechs, insurtechs, and financial services institutions together with civic society organisations and lived experience experts to feed directly into the design and details of this significant industry campaign.

Introducing Finclusion 2021

Our kick off event on 3 November launched this year’s campaign and identified the untapped potential of UK fintech to tackle financial exclusion.

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Finclusion 2021 Event Programme

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Finclusion 2021 aims to:

Raise awareness of financial exclusion challenges, spotlight fintech solutions, and inspire and scale new innovation

Deliver results with real action to directly solve financial inclusion challenges to the benefit of end consumers

Promote collaboration across the UK fintech ecosystem with a call to action for the common good

Throughout the Kalifa review of UK Fintech, it became evident that low cost, and far reaching fintech solutions have the potential to reach the 1 million people in the UK who find themselves financially excluded. Finclusion 2021 is an important next step on the journey. It will encourage and inspire entrepreneurs and financial institutions to better understand the challenges driving financial exclusion, and develop innovative tech-enabled solutions in response.

Ron Kalifa

Get involved

Finclusion 2021 is a month-long focus on fintech and financial inclusion – here’s how you can get involved.

Organise an event

From hackathons and innovation challenges to roundtables on a critical financial inclusion issue, we’d love you to be involved. Get in touch with the Tech Nation Finclusion team or download the participation form today.

Showcase existing solutions

Join the conversation online and share existing fintech solutions throughout November using #FinclusionUK2021

Register to attend events

The Finclusion 2021 programme has a whole host of fascinating events for you to be part of. Register using the links above.

Thanks to our Finclusion 2021 partners

Thanks to our Finclusion 2021 Co-Chairs

Chris Pond

Chair Financial Inclusion Commission

Shân M. Millie

Founder, Bright Blue Hare

Sujata Bhatia

COO, Monzo

Supporting the UK’s road to recovery 

The Fintech Delivery Panel and Insurtech Board convenes stakeholders from across the fintech ecosystem to strengthen the UK’s position as a leader in the future of financial services. While the economic and social disruption of the Covid-19 pandemic has increased fintech adoption and customer use of digital propositions, it has also magnified the challenges of financial exclusion and vulnerability across society.

As we look to help individuals throughout the recovery, there is an opportunity for fintech to play a significant part, be it helping those that may have been adversely impacted by recent events, or who have traditionally been underserved by the existing financial system.