Insurtech Board

What is the Insurtech Board?

The Insurtech Board was established to support the UK’s position as a global leader in insurance. Supported by HM Treasury and powered by Tech Nation, the Board develop collaborative initiatives that promote the UK Insurtech ecosystem, help insurtechs achieve scale, and create an innovative environment for further developments to the benefit of consumers. 

The Insurtech Board achieves its goals by bringing together stakeholders from across the ecosystem including insurance, insurtech, investors, regulators and policy-makers.

The Insurtech Board’s initiatives target the following priority areas:

  • Investment: Grow monetary investment into the UK Insurtech Sector
  • Partnerships: Create an environment that is conducive to UK Insurtech partnerships 
  • Innovation: Facilitate and enable innovation in the UK Insurtech Sector

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Tackling the climate challenge: Where can insurtech make a meaningful impact? Featuring expert opinions and advice from:

  • Adam Rimmer, Co-Founder, FloodFlash
  • Maria Mateo Iborra, Co-Founder, Ibisa
  • Noel Raboy, President and CEO, CLIMBs
  • Jonathon Jackson, Co-Founder, Previsico
  • Stephen Brittain, Co-Founder at Insurtech Gateway and Member of Tech Nation Insurtech Board
  • Sammy Fry, Net Zero Programme Lead, Tech Nation
  • Femke Bartels, (former) Executive Director at Greenpeace

Meet the Insurtech Board 2.0

The membership of the Insurtech Board is drawn from a diverse range of voices from across the insurtech ecosystem representing insurtech verticals, regions, gender, ecosystem role and investment level.

Insurtech Board 2.0: Minutes

29 September 2020 – Minutes

1 December 2020 – Minutes

25 February 2021 – Minutes

24 May 2021 – Minutes

20 September 2021 – Minutes

2 December 2021 – Minutes

Insurtech Board 1.0

The first phase of the Insurtech Board ran from 2017 – 2020. Here you can find more details on its discussions and achievements.

Supporting innovation and insurtech

Innovation in the UK insurance sector depends heavily on the leadership of our major insurers. Insurtech paves the way for the future of the insurance sector, and at this critical juncture, the sector must now band together and collaborate as best it can. 

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Insurtech Standards

With support from our expert legal partners at Dentons and Simmons & Simmons, we have built a suite of legal documents that will allow you to start and form corporate partnerships more quickly.

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Insurtech Board 1.0: Papers and Minutes

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Insurtech secretariat

Victoria Roberts

Director of Fintech Delivery Panel & Insurtech Board

Ravi Shukla

Head of Fintech Delivery Panel & Insurtech Board

Jemima Pitceathly

Programme Executive