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Our network

We’re creating a national network connecting game-changing founders, leaders and scaling companies across the UK. We understand that each city and region has unique challenges and opportunities, strengths and quirks. So we’re building an inclusive web in which founders and scaleups can learn from each other, regardless of where they’re based.

To help us do this we will be recruiting a team of Scaleup Engagement Managers (or SEMs) who will be based on the ground in key tech clusters across the UK. They will be able to help you get involved in the programmes that are right for you and your business and introduce you to valuable contacts. We will be introducing our new SEMs to you soon. Watch this space for updates.


So, where are we?

Tech Nation operates in 11 regions that make up the UK. Like many of the businesses we work with, we believe in an agile and iterative approach. And so, we’re learning from each new region we enter, to ensure that we have impact in each and every one. Click below to discover events, stories and useful resources in your local area.

How we add value locally

Our team of Scaleup Engagement Managers will be positioned to showcase the best that each cluster has to offer, profiling the best and brightest startups, and connecting entrepreneurs across the country. From face-to-face meetings at coffee shops to staging local meetup events, we give local tech founders a voice to showcase their companies.

Why this approach?

Our Scaleup Engagement Managers will be stationed in each tech cluster within our network and are highly passionate about their region and its future. They’re building relationships with tech founders, influencers and industry stakeholders, facilitating cross-network opportunities. While we don’t offer grants or space, we’ve developed a model that we’ve found to have a huge impact on hundreds of businesses we’ve worked with so far. And if you’re not convinced, get in touch to find out more. We’re certain our SEMs can show you the value of plugging into the network.

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