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A two-month, founders-only programme that focusses on helping you perform at your best as you navigate the inevitable stress of scaling. Run by Becca Sweetman, an experienced ex-COO and Executive Coach who designed this programme following her own personal experience of burnout.

By combining data on your own stress and recovery levels, with informative workshops and personalised coaching support we help you understand how you can stay in balance and at peak performance.


Course details


Participants will use Firstbeat Life, developed over 20 years, to monitor hidden stress levels.

Firstbeat Life, a heart monitor plus app, provides data-driven

Insights on the unseen stresses you are puyting on your body.

Repeated use of Firstbeat will establish patterns between types of activities, your stress levels and recovery times.

Group deep dives

  • Share your insights and challenges with your group in order to support, motivate and learn from each other.
  • Data from the individual Firstbeat reports can be shared as group data, anonymously, so that individuals can also learn from each other.
  • Deep dives into the science behind the impact of stress and recovery on the body will be discussed in these sessions.

1:1 Executive Coaching Sessions

  • 2 coaching sessions with
    Becca Sweetman. Gain
    deeper insights into your
    Firstbeat data.
  • Support to work through any
    particular challenges you've
    encountered in the
  • Help identify your top priority
    actions to test as part of
    improving your health and

Fee: £1999 + VAT

Duration: Ten weeks

Format: Live online


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