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Scaling Leaders is a practical, cohort-based, leadership course for anyone who is scaling (or about to scale) a business or a team.

Led by experienced scaling leaders, this leadership course helps first-time leaders get the best from their teams whilst avoiding many of the common pitfalls.

Over 10 weeks, you’ll explore common team-related growth issues, through your own real-life examples, in a supportive, high-trust environment. The course covers 5 topics most crucial to leaders in the rapidly scaling part of their journey:

  • Leading change where change is constant
  • Hiring well at speed
  • Leadership styles
  • Performance management
  • Team dynamics


Course details

Start date: 24th May 2022

Duration: 10 weeks

Location: online

Cost: £2,500 + VAT

(multi-person discount available)


Who the course is for

This series is aimed at any senior leaders facing leadership challenges which they haven’t faced before. These are the people whose success or failure in building brilliant teams is critical to unlocking the potential growth in your business.

UK tech founders

(who are (or have just) raising money to grow their teams and want to make sure that they can lead the upcoming growth successfully)

‘Leaders / Heads of’

(from scaling tech businesses who are about to grow their teams rapidly but have not done so before)


Why join?

  • In-depth exploration of the most pressing issues you are going to face
  • Teaching and discussion with leaders with scaling experience
  • Time to focus on your own experience gaps in each area
  • Peer support and scale-coach help with your own live growth issues
  • Personal action plan to guide you as you scale
  • Full access to Tech Nation Alumni Network on completion

Course detail

The course comprises the following two week topics:

1. Leading change when change is constant

For the last 10-15 years organisational change and transformation have become permanent features of the business landscape. This topic asks you to think about what it means to be a leader in a tech business which is at the forefront of change? Learn how to step up to your role in leading change, rather than just letting change happen to you. 

2. Hiring well at speed

One of the biggest challenges any scale-up faces is the recruitment and retention of talented people. Due to the fluid and rapidly evolving nature of scaling a business, it’s often hard to find the right people at the right time to accelerate your growth. In fact, it’s responsible for the failure of 23% of all scaling businesses. In this topic you will hear from people who have scaled fast and you will work on a number of exercises to help you bring the right people to your organisation

3. Shaping your leadership style through self-awareness

Quite simply, self-aware leaders are better leaders. They have higher emotional intelligence, they understand their strengths, their limitations and they aren’t afraid to re-think. It’s these traits that enable self-aware leaders to thrive in the workplace. In this topic, we walk you through how to leverage self reflection to optimise your leadership mentality, style and approach.

4. Scaling a high-performance culture

When Tech Nation talks to scale ups who are reaching mid-stage one of the top challenges they face is maintaining and scaling their culture. Maintaining and/or evolving company culture can be a lot harder than it sounds, but it’s essential to ensure that all employees stay on-mission, working towards the same goals, make the right decisions when the founder’s not in the room, and also feel valued and excited to come to work every day. This topic provides some practical advice and some clear leadership steps on managing and scaling high-performance culture. 

5. Team dynamics – the need for diversity

Companies with diverse teams have been shown to be more productive, build better products which represent their customers, attract top talent and potentially scale faster. Tech Nation’s Diversity and Inclusion report shows that it pays to be diverse and boards with gender diversity have a £70k turnover premium and there is 453% higher investment for directors sitting on internationally diverse boards. But many startups are missing out on these benefits by failing to consider gender, ethnic, and neuro-diversity when hiring and training people. In this topic we examine the positive impacts diversity brings to team dynamics and equip you with practical actions to start shaping the right culture, mindset and structure to support this. 

In each topic you will:
  • Access the online topic content each fortnight 
  • Participate in a in-depth discussion with an industry leader from the UK tech scene on the topic 
  • Complete your deep dive pre-work building a collection of leadership tools to take back into the workplace
  • Connect with your sub-group for coaching sessions, and for peer-to-peer activities and networking.
  • Take opportunities to connect with your peers on the course learning about different approaches to the topic


What others think of Scaling Leaders

Dr Selina Parmar

Head of People, Sideways 6

A lot of the things we’re covering are really timely, and there’s a lot of sticky problems in my role that I’m trying to find solutions to at the moment. ADVANCE: Scaling Leaders has helped me address these issues.

Hear more from Selina >

Gavin Turtle

Head of Success, Lightyear

Joining ADVANCE: Scaling Leaders gave me the opportunity to learn about the things that I'm going to face in a growing company before they actually occur. It gives me a great chance to get myself set up for success in the future.

Hear more from Gavin >



Scaling Leaders is run in partnership with OverTime Leader.

Overtime Leader have worked with the world’s leading tech companies including WeTransfer, Spotify, and TaskRabbit.

They ensure that participants receive practical tools, guided self-reflection, and peer-to-peer learning to shape their leadership style for the challenges ahead. 


Frequently Asked Questions

How do I pay?

You can apply below and a member of our team will contact you with payment details.

When is the deadline for signing up?

May 2022

Where are the courses held?

Scaling Leaders is run exclusively online.

Do I have to prepare anything in advance of the course?

Yes, you will be asked to complete a short survey before joining the course so we can tailor the course to your needs. 

Will I receive a certificate after the course?

Yes, you will receive an online certificate of attendance after completing the course.

After signing up, when will I receive course information?

As soon as you sign up to the course you will receive the course calendar and a list of key events so you can plan ahead. Course materials will be shared one week before the course start date.

What equipment do I need?

Computer/ laptop/ mobile device and good internet connection.


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