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A series of practical workshops to help you understanding how to use the psychology and tricks of pricing to help your SaaS business make money.

Designed as a suite of three but also available individually, these practical workshops will teach you how to use pricing skills and psychology to help your tech business make money. With only 10 spaces per workshop we’ll ensure there is plenty of time to talk about your individual businesses and situations.

Applicants choosing to purchase all three sessions will get a free 121 coaching session (60 mins). In those we’ll go even deeper and evaluate your company’s approach to pricing, identifying the leading opportunities to drive performance and addressing any pricing-related decisions on the horizon.



Strategic Pricing 101 (2 hour workshop)

This highly interactive workshop empowers business leaders to use pricing as a powerful lever to drive performance. We examine how pricing and price-framing can be used as a strategic tool to grow sales, raise profitability and solve problems. Attendees learn different pricing strategies and develop greater confidence in their pricing decisions.

Pricing Psychology and Nudge Techniques (2 hour workshop)

The way pricing information is displayed gives a set of powerful signals to your customers. We examine how psychology can be applied to the presentation of pricing information to positively influence customer perceptions and behaviours, based on an advanced knowledge of the decision making process.

Handling Price Objections and Negotiating with Confidence (2 hour workshop)

This workshop enables business leaders to approach price negotiations confidently and consistently. Price objections are often just an indicator that something else needs to be addressed. We explore best practices for handling difficult conversations and negotiating more effectively.


Course details

Fee: £450 + VAT per workshop (£1,200 + VAT for all 3)

Duration: 1-3 workshops

Format: Live online



Pricing Strategy is run in partnership with Untapped.


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