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Join the first in-person seminar, Product strategy: Idea Validation & Prototyping, held in partnership with Sudo Labs to help you validate product ideas, save time and resources on product development.

The half-day seminar is designed to share effective approaches to building successful products, and answer any questions you have along the way. It is applicable for both scale-ups and earlier stage startups, and we collect questions in advance so that the seminar delivers on the specific needs of its attendees. After the workshop schedule your 1-2-1 workshop with Sudo Labs where you be able to focus on your situation and company needs and see how best to apply the lessons learned.



Half-day in-person seminar designed to share the right approaches and to answer all of your questions.

Idea Validation & Prototyping

How to validate your product ideas early enough and before any line of code is

Companies can spend a lot of their money on software development. This workshop will show you how to develop your software while spending a lot less.
- Framework for mitigation of main SW development risks
- Case studies from various industries and lifecycle stages
- Tools & approaches to validate ideas without coding


Course details

Fee: £450 + VAT per workshop

Duration: Half-day seminar + 1-2-1 workshop

Format: In-person

Location: London



Product Strategy is run in partnership with Sudo Labs.

The workshop blends in real life scenarios from SudoLabs work with clients and see what they have to say:

Sudolabs built our critical technology infrastracture from scratch that allowed us to run testing facilities across the whole United States. They reacted quickly and delivered right before the peak of pandemic.

Nadine DabbyModMD

The expert loves Sudolabs! They were there for us from the very beginning when we were just a concept, built the whole platform, and now we are entrusting them with scaling it out to millions of users

Leo SeigalThe Expert

Sudolabs provided the right expertise to complement our internal team’s skillset. Their ability to adapt the processes to suit startups approaching product/ market fit is remarkable. We’re looking forward to keep working with them

Vitaly GordonFaros AI

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