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A series of practical workshops to help you validate product ideas, save time and resources on product development, and plan your feature development properly. All while keeping track of your success via the right analytical tools.

Each 2-hour workshop is designed to share effective approaches to building successful products, and answer
any questions you have along the way. They are applicable for both scale-ups and earlier stage startups, and we collect questions in advance so that each workshop delivers on the specific needs of its attendees.



2 hour workshops designed to share the right approaches and to answer all of your questions. 

We collect questions in advance so that each workshop delivers on the specific needs to attendees. 

Idea Validation & Prototyping

How to validate your product ideas early enough and before any line of code is

Companies can spend a lot of their money on software development. This workshop will show you how to develop your software while spending a lot less.
- Framework for mitigation of main SW development risks
- Case studies from various industries and lifecycle stages
- Tools & approaches to validate ideas without coding

Product Roadmap & OKRs

How to plan your further product efforts, set priorities and align the whole team on a clear goal

For companies at any stage of the product development life cycle but especially those struggling with prioritisation around strategic objectives.
- Product roadmap and best practices for its management
- Objectives & Key Results as a best goal setting approach
- How to ensure focus for the team while scaling & growing

Product Analytics

How to enable your team to make data-driven decisions and focus on outcomes
instead of outputs

Whether you are building your initial or follow on products this will help you to identify and collect the right data to iterate effectively.
- Lean analytics approach & most critical product metrics
- Way to connect your data analytics to user journeys
- Product experimentation and A/B testing


Course details

Fee: £450 + VAT per workshop (£1,200 + VAT for all 3)

Duration: 1-3 workshops

Format: Live online



Product Strategy is run in partnership with Sudo Labs.


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