Banking On Net Zero

Financing the future of climate-tech


Navigating the investment & finance landscape

Date: 24th March 2021 | Time: 2pm – 4pm GMT| Location: Online >

There’s no denying that investment and finance in the UK’s net zero sector is heating up. As the sector continues to develop and mature, it seems climate-tech is being recognised for its potential to accelerate the road to net-zero.  Join us to investigate the funding opportunities and challenges being faced by scaling tech companies on a mission to tackle the climate crisis.

On the surface, the headlines say…

  • Climate tech investment has grown at 5x the venture capital market rate over seven years
  • Between 2018 and 2019, VC investment in Net Zero companies in the UK grew by 28%

Sources used: Tech Nation Net Zero Report, The State of Climate Tech Report 2020, PWC.


$16.3bnper annum VC investment (2019)


£336 mnVC investment (2019)


37% of VC investment was in early stage companies (2019)


Founders still face challenges in securing the capital they need to scale their innovations. Due to the sheer scale of the climate change problem – there’s still a long way to go.

Climate tech remains a nascent sector overall in the VC market, securing only

approx. 6%of total venture capital

What will the event cover?

Is there untapped potential just waiting to be realised? What does the overall ‘sustainable finance agenda’ mean for venture capital, scaling climate tech companies as well as government and corporate bodies too? Tune in on the 24th March as we explore:

Investing in net zero: the sector is heating up

Navigating challenges and opportunities for scaling climate-tech companies

 What’s key for VCs as new funds are being raised?

The role of financial institutions to de-risk investment

Alternative fundraising options

How our government factors into the equation


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