Becoming a Tech Nation Visa Ambassador

So what does it involve?

As a valued member of the alumni network, you have the chance to become a Tech Nation Ambassador. By becoming an Ambassador, you are committed to helping Tech Nation raise awareness and develop the Global Talent route for future applicants, and are recognised for their efforts in supporting the Alumni Network.

As key representatives, they provide insight and intellect as former applicants into the process of applying for the Global Talent visa.

Meet Our Ambassadors

Don’t just take our word for it…

“The Global Talent Visa has been a great help to my business. I used it to start LiveFlow and get funding from top investors so that we could create the product our customers want. The UK is a heaven for those looking to experience endless opportunities and the thriving tech scene. The country has so much diversity where people from all backgrounds are welcome.”

Anita Koimur, Co-Founder & COO, LiveFlow 

“It means a lot to have the recognition from Tech Nation through the visa, for all the hard work I put in developing my skills and pursuing my passion. If I had any final words to anyone interested in applying for the Tech Nation Visa, it would be that hard work always pays off, and the best is yet to come!”

Akram Dweikat, Engineering Manager – Network Economics (ML)

“Receiving an endorsement from Tech Nation is a public recognition that tells you “your work has a positive impact, keep it up”, and at that very moment, every particle of your brain starts working faster.”

Herman Komashko, Digital Engineer

What Tech Nation provides

An Ambassador Welcome Pack including social badges

Bi-monthly Group call with the Tech Nation Visa team 

Recognition as a  featured visa alumni 

Our Code Of Conduct

As representatives of the Tech Nation Visa our Ambassadors should conduct themselves accordingly to:

Act in a voluntary capacity & not monetise their responsibilities in any way

Only use Tech Nation, Tech Nation Visa & Alumni Network branding responsibly with prior approval

Protect the confidentiality of alumni contact details, abiding by UK law (data protection & immigration)

Treat others with respect, as they themselves would expect in return 

Before You Register

Please take the following prerequisites into account:
1. You are a member of the Tech Nation Visa Alumni Network
2. Your Tech Nation Global Talent Visa is not about to expire
3. You hold a valid Tech Nation Global Talent visa or you are settled in the UK
5. You have read the relevant Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

  • New Ambassadors will be accepted at the discretion of Tech Nation, application to become an ambassador does not convey any automatic right.
  • Ambassadors do not speak on behalf of Tech Nation, and whilst Ambassadors are expected to uphold the Code of Conduct, opinions or public statements do not necessarily reflect Tech Nation
  • Ambassadors may withdraw from the group at any time simply by informing the Tech Nation Visa team of their desire to leave the group.
  • Tech Nation reserves the right to remove Ambassadors for any reason (for example: failure to comply with the Code of Conduct or these Terms).