Bright Tech Future

Reward and recognise your top talent

The UK’s digital tech sector is punching well above its weight in the world and creating high value jobs right across the country for talented and motivated people. We want to celebrate the best of UK tech talent in an industry where 2.1 million people now work. 

Recent research by Tech Nation shows that in five UK cities more than one in 10 of the population are employed in digital tech. From the tip of Sutherland in the North to the shores of Cornwall in the South, we are seeing digital tech businesses created and thriving, supported by an engaged and highly-skilled workforce. Now it’s time to shine a light on the 99% of people working in tech powered businesses who play a massive part in delivering success for their organisation and driving the digital economy – day in day out.  

We’re calling on the fastest-growing companies across the country to help us identify their most talented team members who deserve recognition.  Tech Nation, Her Majesty’s Government and the Digital Economy Council are hosting The Bright Tech Future Awards – a celebration to recognise exceptional tech talent this November in Westminster. The Bright Tech Future Awards brings together the unsung heroes building the UK’s fastest-growing companies.

Other awards celebrate investors and exceptional founders, but the Bright Tech Future Awards will recognise the essential people who are helping to build the UK’s global tech success, now and for the future.

Who >>

From HR manager and UX designer to project manager and DevOps Engineer, we want you to nominate the team members who have made a difference to your company. We’re not looking for directors or members of the board, but the individuals that are in the engine room and make stuff happen to create a successful, fast-growing tech company.  

How >>

The nomination process is simple. Select your team member(s) and tell us in 200 words what contribution they have made to the growth of the company. Please attach their LinkedIn profile.

Each company can enter up to three members of staff for the Bright Tech Future Awards. Nominees can be working in any job role in your organisation except  C-Level. We are keen to recognise a breadth of job types: from scrum master to HR analyst, from customer success manager to UX designer. (Struggling to nominate? Check out our tips). And as long as your nomination has sufficient evidence, you and whoever you’ve nominated, will receive an invitation to attend the Bright Tech Future Awards event.

When and why >>

As a business leader – you already get your fair share of recognition. This is a chance to share the kudos and pay it forward. It won’t take long to complete your nomination(s) and if you need any help then get in touch. The closing date for nominations is 22 April 2020. Invitations to the event will be sent to all successful nominations.

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