Building an inclusive tech industry

The issues surrounding diversity in the tech industry are well documented. As are the benefits companies reap from having an inclusive working environment. The wake of the #MeToo movement and gender pay gap reporting, has brought into stark contrast the lack of diversity across the industry.

That’s why we want to engender a more diverse tech sector. One where the brightest talent can thrive, innovate and grow.

To do so, we’ve partnered with InChorus to carry out an industry-wide research project into bias and ‘microaggressions’ to develop a clearer understanding of the inclusivity issues facing the industry. We’re putting data at the heart of this, to enable actionable insights that are backed by facts, and allow us to develop recommendations that can be measured for effectiveness.

How to get involved

We want you to share your experiences of bullying, harassment and incidents of bias (be it conscious or unconscious). We’ll be launching an app to allow you to register high frequency, low severity incidents known as micro-aggressions (you may know them as incidents of ‘everyday sexism’, ‘everday racism’).

Keep an eye out for the launch of the app soon.

“As Tech Nation we are acutely aware of the tech industry’s challenges with diversity and inclusion. As our world is increasingly shaped by a new wave of technological advances, it is imperative that the teams building these new technologies are representative and inclusive, so that their applications will serve all parts of society. We are committed to helping the UK’s leading tech companies to scale responsible world-changing businesses with equality at the heart of their teams, and are delighted to partner with InChorus on this important work.”

Row Knapp, COO, Tech Nation

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