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  • Website
  • Twitter: @angokacyber
  • Founder name: Steve Berry, Executive Chairman
  • Location: Belfast
  • Total investment: £600,000
  • Previous backing: Invest NI

The short story

ANGOKA is an IoT security company focused on protecting M2M communications for Smart Cities and Mobility. Headquartered in Belfast, with offices in London and The Hague, ANGOKA offers solutions that protect devices’ identities. With an increase of inherently insecure networks coming online with the boom of IoT, ANGOKA’s solutions safeguard critical machine-to-machine communication integrity and data provenance, creating trusted connections, even in untrustworthy networks.

Tell me more

  • Their solution

Whilst competing solutions are software-based, Angoka’s unique product takes a hardware-based approach. Its patented solution provides hardware authentication using a decentralised protocol, which is resilient to different attacks.

  • Their USP

Using the physical unclonable function (PUF) type of hardware, their product provides a means of fingerprinting chips based on their physical properties. This is used to generate cryptographic keys and provide tamper-proof storage for encryption keys

  • Traction:

Starting from May 2020, Angoka has been part of a £7.5m Innovate UK funded AirQKD R&D project formed of 15 consortium partners and led by BT. Angoka's role is to integrate their technology to the BT QKD backbone to provide quantum-enhanced last-mile connectivity over wireless, which amongst many objectives will secure an IoT Network of millions of devices. 

Angoka are also working on a Vehicle to Everything (V2X) solution in partnership with Warwick Manufacturing Group, which aims to secure the entire connected autonomous vehicle communication chain from the Roadside Unit (RSUs) infrastructure to vehicle onboard units (OBUs) into the vehicle CAN bus. In this 12 month project, Angoka has developed its own PUF based hardware to run the S-CAN protocol. This will be integrated into a real autonomous vehicle within 6 months.

Various major manufacturing and energy companies have confirmed interests in PoCs one Angoka reaches TRL level 7 (this Summer). 

Angoka is the only cybersecurity company to win a place on Zenzic’s CAM Scale-Up Programme, delivered in partnership with Plug and Play. They were also the first Northern Irish start-up to be selected for NCSC’s Cyber Accelerator, who reviewed and assessed their technology. Angoka is also an alumnus of Seraphim Space Camp, Yes!Delft and TechNation Cyber 2.0. Finally, they've also been awarded several Innovate UK R&D projects, which focus on securing quantum communications (led by BT) and two drone projects.