Northern Digital Jobs Strategy Report

Addressing the Northern digital skills gap

The ‘digital skills crisis’ is never far from the headlines in most digital
economies across the world today. In the UK, companies say they need ‘talent’ more than anything else to help them grow – and they need it yesterday.

At Tech North, we wanted to understand how we might solve our region’s skills challenges, in order to shore up the North’s future.

This report explores a range of ideas for local, regional and national initiatives for action brought forward at the Digital Jobs Action Summit in April 2017.

The numbers

168,671digital tech jobs
£9.9bnGVA from digital tech roles
48%higher average salary in digital tech
4xproductivity growth 4x faster than wider economy


58%of digital firms state finding talent is a key challenge
712,750digital tech job vacancies in the last three years

Demand far outstrips supply…

1big problem

So what can we do?

It’s not the responsibility of a single organisation – the industry as a whole has to take ownership of the challenge. We’ve outlined a series of recommendations and initiatives including the creation of a regional digital skills network, building a regional digital jobs portal and launching a jobs campaign.