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Connection and collaboration: powering UK tech and driving the economy

Welcome to the Tech Nation Report 2018

The Tech Nation 2018 Report is part of a groundbreaking annual series that captures the strength, depth and breadth of digital tech activity in the UK. The first Tech Nation report was published in 2015 to help develop an understanding of the vibrant digital tech landscape in the UK.

The 2018 Report continues to map the evolution of the UK tech sector.

Explore the report to find out about the connections and collaborations that underpin UK tech, drive ambitious entrepreneurs and power economic growth.

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Prime Minister of the United Kingdom

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Over the last year, the performance of the United Kingdom’s digital tech sector has been world-leading, with British firms attracting more capital than any other European country. Our great strength in technology and innovation, built on the UK’s excellence in R&D and creative thinking, is demonstrated by the breadth of tech activity right across the country, and the powerful networks being forged by the next generation of entrepreneurs.


Gerard Grech, Chief Executive, Tech Nation Eileen Burbidge, Chair, Tech Nation and Partner,
Passion Capital

Welcome to the 2018 Tech Nation Report — the most comprehensive guide to the UK’s digital tech ecosystem to date. Using a rich mix of official, open and web data, the Tech Nation Report 2018 dives deep inside the themes that are essential to the success of the UK’s tech entrepreneurs.

1. International competitiveness

The UK cements its position as a global tech leader

2. Digital tech business

The UK has digital suburbs, not just cities

3. Community perceptions

Access to talent and investment continue to challenge tech communities across the UK

4. Collaboration, connectivity and culture

The UK tech community is highly connected

5. Jobs and skills

Jobs in digital tech are on the rise, but diversity remains a key challenge

Recommendations for ambitious tech entrepreneurs

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Tech Nation 2018 is now open!

Great news. All data featured in the 2018 Tech Nation Report is available online for non-commercial use by third parties.  The data can be accessed through the platform. If you use the data, please let us know. We would love to showcase your work.

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