Tech hotspot – double average UK tech concentration in 2017

£2.4 bnDigital tech business turnover
MatureDominant distribution of businesses by age (2017)
£152 kDigital tech turnover by employee (2017)
168Digital tech business births (2017)
15,503Jobs in digital tech
36,693Digital tech jobs


With ‘Silicon Fen’ entrepreneurs close at hand and the University of Cambridge  providing world-class talent, the city’s well-established tech community continues to thrive. Combined growth in Cambridge City and South Cambridgeshire has accelerated in the past year.

  • Britain’s first underground railway to be built in decades, will run trains into the heart of Cambridge. The Isaac Newton Line is expected to start operations by 2025. However, infrastructure relief has also been provided in the short term with the Cambridge North railway station which opened in May 2017 to provide much needed transport to the Cambridge Science Park. A third station is expected to start serving the booming Cambridge Biomedical Campus in 2021.
  • The Bradfield Centre, which opened in 2017, is thriving. More than 200 entrepreneurs are now based at the co-working centre at the Cambridge Science Park. Its state-of-the-art technology centre provides a dynamic environment in which science and tech entrepreneurs can learn from each other and translate research into commercial applications. The Maxwell Centre is another space for industry liaison with Cambridge University, building on the success of the Hauser Forum and three ideaSpace locations.
  • The Cambridgeshire and Peterborough Independent Economic Review (CPIER) is assessing the case for greater fiscal devolution which will unlock the delivery of major infrastructure to the region. CIPER launched in January 2018 with the aim of helping local stakeholders unite behind a common strategy and providing a clear understanding of how the region delivers benefits to the rest of the UK. CPIER released an interim report in May 2018, which raised several important questions about the economic future of the region including ways to maintain the ecosystem’s unique character to help the region stay ahead of other global tech hubs. 

Poppy Gustafsson

CEO, EMEA, Darktrace Ltd

About Darktrace
Darktrace is the world’s leading AI company for cyber security. Created by mathematicians from the University of Cambridge, the Enterprise Immune System uses machine learning and AI algorithms to detect and respond to in-progress cyber-threats.

Why Cambridge?
The research that goes on in Cambridge is second to none, and our Cambridge HQ is where the machine learning behind our world-leading technology is developed. Being based in Cambridge allows us to recruit some of the best machine learning specialists in the world.

National & International focus
Darktrace’s technology has been deployed in over 5,000 networks in over 97 countries worldwide. We have dual headquarters in Cambridge and San Francisco, and have 32 offices all over the world, including New York, Singapore, Tokyo, Bogotá, São Paulo, Paris, and Milan, among others.

Founded: 2013

Raised: Over $180.5m

Dr Steve Marsh

CEO & Founder, Geospock

About GeoSpock
GeoSpock is the world’s only space & time data indexing engine built for the hyper-connected world. Intelligent infrastructure is driving the transformation of cities, logistics, networks, buildings, transportations systems and communications networks. This, in turn, is generating vast amounts of new data requiring real-time management and analytics at extraordinary scales.

Why Cambridge? 
It’s only natural that we GeoSpock kept our global headquarters near the source of world-class technical talent coming out of the University, and with Cambridge’s long history of DeepTech innovation coupled with the incredibly supportive entrepreneurial network – there are few ecosystems more suited to building the next big thing.

National & International focus
Being a purely cloud-based software solution, GeoSpock is able to easily traverse international boundaries and our mission of “chasing the data” has prompted us take a global view from day one. Our first paying enterprise customer is headquartered in the US and our recent funding round included Japan’s biggest non-corporate VC as a strategic investor, who are aiding our expansion into Asian markets.

Founded: 2013

Raised: $13.5m

Popular meetups in Cambridge

We have clustered Cambridge meetups according to their topics. Meetups with similar topics are attracted, whilst meetups with different subjects are repelled. A full screen version can be found here. Click on a node, or search for a topic in the full screen version.

We have clustered Cambridge meetups according to their topics. Meetups with similar topics are attracted, whilst meetups with different subjects are repelled. Please view this page on desktop to use the visualisation interactively.

Cambridge clusters: Software Development Open Source Big Data Emerging Technology

Source: Tech Nation, 2018;, 2018. Thanks to the Oxford Internet Institute and JSIC

The size of each node is determined by the number of connections it has with others. A large node signifies a highly connected meetup with many topics shared with other groups.

What Cambridge startups say is a strength

1Proximity of a university
2Access to talent
3Appealing area

What Cambridge startups say is a challenge

1Cost of living
2Access to talent

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