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£181 mDigital tech business turnover (2017)
£115 kDigital tech turnover by employee (2017)
£205 mGVA
1,569Jobs in digital tech
2,660Digital tech jobs


Creativity and innovation thrive in this city. The talent stemming from renowned computer science and gaming courses, including those at the University of Dundee and Abertay University, has enabled companies to stay ahead of the pack in games development, mobile apps and much more. For example, Abertay graduates have gone on to work for leading computer games companies including Sony, Microsoft, Electronic Arts and Rockstar North.

  • Dundee gaming entrepreneurs, Chris van der Kuyl and Paddy Burns, founders of 4J Studios, have launched Water’s Edge, a new co-working space which aims to attract businesses with an appetite for innovation, to fuel growth in the city. Water’s Edge is part of the city's £1 billion waterfront regeneration project, that also includes the V&A Museum.
  • The Scottish Cities Alliance (SCA) is investing in smart city technology to accelerate and improve the delivery of services. Dundee is currently home to four projects funded by the SCA programme – Smart Mobility, Smart Public Safety, Smart Waste and Open Data. These are providing opportunities for the local community, companies and academics to engage in the development of smart city solutions.
  • Abertay University has signed a new agreement with top games developer Ninja Kiwi Europe to provide a new scholarship opportunity for students. For the first time, a one-year scholarship will be open to fourth year students studying games, beginning in the academic year 2018/19. As well as a £1,500 payment to aid their studies, the successful applicant will receive an invaluable month-long summer placement at Ninja Kiwi Europe’s Dundee studio, gaining work experience, industry insight and the chance to build key contacts.

Michael Romilly

CEO, Mozenix

About Mozenix
Mozenix design, develop, launch and optimise high performance Virtual (VR) and augmented (AR) reality prototypes and applications for some of the UK’s biggest brands and businesses.

Why Dundee?
Mozenix is situated in Dundee as part of the Waracle and Exception group of companies. Dundee is an ideal location for developing mixed reality applications due to it’s high concentration of highly skilled 3D technology developers and modellers produced by the cities universities.

National & International focus
Mozenix work with blue-chip clients throughout the UK and beyond. Current clients include Return To Scene Ltd (R2S), Scottish Power and Dundee University. R2S, part of the James Fisher group, is an Aberdeen based visual asset management company working with some of the largest oil and gas operators in the world. Our companies clients are based across the globe and include the likes of BP, ExxonMobil and Chevron.

Founded: 2017

Chris van der Kuyl

Chairman, 4J Studios

About 4J Studios
4J Studios is a video games development company, best known for our work on Minecraft console additions!

Why Dundee?
Dundee is a well known centre for game development and has a great supply of new talent from both of the universities. The city has a 25 year history of games development studios being started here.

National & International focus
4J has one other development studio in Scotland, just east of Edinburgh. As a games development studio all the partners we have are internationally based – our principal partner is Microsoft in Seattle, and Mojang, which Microsoft owns in Stockholm. We have test facilities in Poland, and a whole host of other tech partners around the globe. This is absolutely normal in our industry, if we weren’t internationally focused we wouldn’t be in business, it’s not one you can market locally it’s all global.

Founded: 2005

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Community perceptions survey findings

The Tech Nation 2018 Survey was conducted between January 2018 and February 2018, in partnership with Streetbees. This year’s survey received the largest response yet from members of the UK tech community. In a total of 3,428 submissions, people told us about the opportunities and challenges their local ecosystems face, and the digital tech leaders they admire. The majority of respondents (33%) were founders and CEOs.

What Dundee startups say is a strength

1Proximity to a university
2Helpful tech community
3Diversity of talent

What Dundee startups say is a challenge

1Access to talent
2Access to funding
3Lack of collaboration

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