International consulting

We help build ecosystems

At Tech Nation we have supported the unparalleled growth of the UK tech and digital-ecosystem for nearly a decade now. Today London is the uncontested No 1 city for tech entrepreneurship in Europe, globally only rivalled by Silicon Valley and New York. Many more vibrant clusters have sprung up all across the country.

Future Fifty Launch 2017, Design Museum, London

Tech Nation initially earned its reputation as a successful cheerleader for the digital tech entrepreneur. Since then, the organisation has evolved into one of the most renowned ecosystem initiatives globally, driving the success of digital entrepreneurs and the overall digital ecosystem by improving the supply of (and removing barriers to) skills, talent, investment, and infrastructure and by connecting stakeholders in the UK and abroad.

Team Tech Nation, Future Fifty Launch March 2018 at City Hall, London

With Tech Nation Consulting we share our expertise with cities and clusters abroad to help spark and accelerate their development. We also seek to build lasting network connectivity, all across the world. We work with key stakeholders, both public and private, to build out existing initiatives, address specific gaps and to help overcome barriers to success.

Press Mixer – held at Deliveroo’s HQ. Bringing journalists and Future Fifty companies together

From sparking ideas and catalyzing discussion, to building entire ecosystems, we convene leaders in government, academia, private enterprise and the tech community to drive entrepreneurial culture, develop digital talent, support founders throughout the life cycle of their businesses and to build profile for the tech sector, at home and abroad.