Lawtech Sandbox Pilot

Transforming the UK legal sector through tech

The Lawtech Sandbox Pilot has been designed to fast track transformative ideas, products and services that address the legal needs of businesses and society. It provides pioneers with access to a number of tools, services and people, to help accelerate the development of game-changing lawtech.

We are working with lawtech pioneers with a readiness to test, build and push the boundaries – to explore in the Lawtech Sandbox Pilot how we can tackle opportunities and challenges with lawtech, and demonstrate what transformation looks like in the legal sector in practical ways. This isn’t about the easy steps but the hard ones. That’s where we will help lawtech pioneers make a difference.

The Lawtech Sandbox Pilot is free, government-backed, and we don’t take an equity stake in organisations that join.

How does the Lawtech Sandbox Pilot work?

The Lawtech Sandbox Pilot sees our small, first cohort of pioneers gain access to the Lawtech Sandbox for three months from December as part of a trial.

Our pioneers have access to a number of tools and services tailored to help them get the most out of their time in the Lawtech Sandbox Pilot. 


Navigating regulations and governance can be time consuming and complicated. That is why we will provide access to regulators throughout the process, for advice, support and assurance at pace.

This includes multiple regulators in a single, fast response forum: the Regulatory Response Unit.


We will connect you based on your needs, to our legal, business and public body network, to help you drive commercial opportunities and collaboration.

We understand the power of accessing the right person at the right time to achieve your goals, whether that is a decision-maker, a client, a mentor or an expert.


The role of ethics in the design and development of lawtech is important and we want you to be able to get the support and advice you need from applied ethics experts.


We know that legal data is hard to come by and understand the immense value that greater access could have on the lawtech sector. Our goal is to help improve access to legal data.

During the Pilot, we will support by matchmaking you with data sources, and dataset requests will be factored into later phases of Lawtech Sandbox development.

Who are our Pioneers?

  • Amplified Global

    Amplified Global logo

    London | Lawtech

    Amplifi helps customers engage with and assess lengthy, technical legal information by presenting information in a way that fits a customer’s needs and enables their understanding. They achieve this by using natural language processing to identify common elements of legal documents and use machine learning to assess the degree of likely comprehension, involving a cognitive risk score.

    The Lawtech Sandbox Pilot will support Amplifi to get answers to its emerging legal, regulatory and ethical questions and help source datasets of technical or complex customer-facing legal documents to enable them to develop, test and further calibrate their approach.

  • ClauseMatch

    ClauseMatch logo

    London | Lawtech | @ClauseMatch

    ClauseMatch looks to transform regulation into digital, machine-readable form with an easy-to-use, ​AI-powered ​smart document​ collaboration​ platform, making it easier for businesses to automate and manage their compliance and to keep up with regulations.

    The Lawtech Sandbox Pilot will connect ClauseMatch to regulators through the Regulatory Response Unit, to explore and progress digitisation of the regulatory framework, as well as facilitating access to materials such as impact assessments and risk taxonomies, to further develop their AI.

  • Deriskly

    Deriskly logo

    South East | Lawtech

    Deriskly is an AI-enabled software that can help businesses detect risks of a potential legal dispute with customers, suppliers, employees, regulators, and other stakeholders. Equipped with this powerful tool, in-house legal and compliance teams as well as other departments (such as customer services) can promptly prevent a dispute from becoming a costly, time-consuming, damaging lawsuit down the track.

    Through its network, the Lawtech Sandbox will support Deriskly to work with in-house teams and secure access to organisational data to further test and train their product, and develop a commercialisation plan.

  • Legal Schema

    Legal Schema logo


    Peter Hunn, founder of Clause, the Accord Project and now Legal Schema, will demonstrate the practical applicability of electronic document technologies that can act as a foundation for business and future development. The Legal Schema is an open-source, universal, vocabulary for embedding and structuring data in contracts and other legal documents.

    Legal documents are typically formed of unstructured text, which makes it difficult to analyse and use the data they contain. This causes inefficiencies, costs and revenue issues for organisations. The sandbox project has the potential to demonstrate the future for commercial documents, legislation, and digital assets in industry, as highlighted in the Lawtech Delivery Panel’s Legal Statement on Smart Contracts and Cryptoassets.

Our Steering Board

We are proud to have insightful leaders and experts supporting the Lawtech Sandbox – they act as the Lawtech Sandbox Steering Board.

The Regulatory Response Unit

The Regulatory Response Unit brings together relevant regulators into a single, fast response forum, to make it easy for pioneers to access and navigate the rules and move forward with confidence. Especially useful for pioneers pushing the boundaries or where a product touches more than one regulatory regime.