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World’s largest startup database Crunchbase and data analysis tool Compass (formerly Startup Genome) have partnered to rank global startup ecosystems

The collaborative project from two world leaders in data collection, provision and analysis has been launched in order to bring about a comprehensive ranking report of the world’s best startup ecosystems.

Startups across the globe can access the SE2015 survey and provide information and data which will enable the two partners to measure the ‘health’ of the respective ecosystem. Following their input, they can benchmark their individual results with peers in order to inform decision making going forward.

Three years ago, SE2012 had an astronomical response: downloaded over 100,000 times, referenced by the Obama administration, Chancellor Merkel, Israel’s UN Ambassador and the Mayors of Los Angeles and Boston.

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In addition, the report has been studied by hundreds of universities, consulting firms and startup accelerators and referenced in thousands of press articles worldwide. In all, the results were viewed by an estimated 10 million people.

Both Crunchbase and Compass agree that the last report is now likely to be very dated, as tech ecosystems right across the world have grown and developed substantially in the last three years. Let’s make the voice of Tech Nation heard across the globe.

Participate in the survey here.

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