85 bite-size courses for founders and their teams

Ed Willis, March 14, 2019 3 min read

If you’re starting a business or growing an existing one, you’ve probably got a million things to do. So to save you time, we’ve made a handy list of every one of our 85 free online courses on The Digital Business Academy.

Described as as “a mini MBA for startups” by Sarah Wood, Chair of Unruly, the academy has 85 bite-size courses for startup founders and their teams.

The courses are all delivered by experts and available anywhere, anytime. Even better, we give points for every course you finish. You can use these to claim benefits like exclusive discounts, mentoring sessions and more.

85 bite-size courses

Whether you want to hone your marketing skills or get your head round your finances, we bet you’ll find something for you.

So have a look through the index and give one of our courses a try!

Ideas and Products

These courses help you create beautiful, engaging products and find out if that ‘good idea’ could be a great business.

Speak the language of entrepreneurs:

Do you have the ‘right stuff’ to be an entrepreneur?

How entrepreneurs think up ideas

How entrepreneurs test and refine their ideas

How entrepreneurs talk to their customers

How entrepreneurs move from ideas to action

How entrepreneurs assess the competition

Manage a digital product:

Building a product vision

Making a basic product to test

Testing your product with real customers

Improving your product

Marketing and Sales

Check out these courses for ideas on how to set up marketing campaigns, grow a community of loyal fans, and build strong and lasting connections with customers.

Plan your marketing

Learning how your customers shop

Planning your marketing

Marketing better than your competitors

Writing your marketing plan

Calculating your marketing costs

Master Marketing channels

Setting your digital marketing goals

Being first on Google search results

Choosing what content to make

Using newsletters as a marketing tool

Mastering paid advertising

Getting your customers to do your marketing for you

Run Marketing campaigns

Setting realistic goals for marketing campaigns

Understanding target customers for campaigns

Using content to build a community of fans

Driving customers to your products using SEO

Choosing the right marketing tools

Get customers to love you

Knowing where you stand with your customers

Getting to know your customers

Choosing between sales, marketing & smales

Getting to grips with sales

Creating post-purchase delight

Acquire customers

How to select your route to market

How to know everything about your customer

How to get your first 100 customers (B2C)

How to land your first client (B2B)

How to grow your sales

How to use analytics for growth

How to do marketing on a budget

Operations and Finance

Avoid the common mistakes founders make in launching a business. These courses guide you through startup finance, how to measure your performance and raise investment.

Launch a digital business

Avoiding common mistakes in building your team

Developing a compelling story about your idea

Avoiding running out of cash

Finding your early customers

Choosing the right legal structure for your business

Understand startup finance

Calculating cost, price and profit

Creating financial statements: Profit, loss and cash flow

Thinking through equity and financial advice

Managing your day to day finances

Raising your first investment funds

Choosing between grant, debt and equity funding

Measure startup performance

Knowing what to measure

Making sense of data through cohorts

Converting customers using the funnel

Capturing data for analytics

Raise investment

Do you need investment?

How to prepare for your first investment

What to include in your pitch deck

How to manage relationships with investors

How to prepare for Series A

Scale your operations

Taking your brand to scale

Scaling your business to a new country

Partnering with large corporates

Scaling the finance function

Raising Series B


Get the most from your most important asset: your people.You’ll learn what qualities to look for in your early hires, how to set up your board and how to scale up your talent strategy as you grow.

Build an effective team

Who needs to be in the team

How to set up your Board

How to select your advisors and mentors

How to create a company culture

How to use company culture to retain talent

Scale up your talent strategy

Building your employer brand

Building a talent pipeline for rapid scaling

Building a sustainable executive team

Getting your team ready to scale

Maintaining company culture as you scale

Managing your board

Brand and Communications

Whether you are designing a lasting brand or using social to manage your image, skills in brand and communications help you and your business tell your story.

Build a strong brand

Understanding what makes a strong brand

How to build a strong brand

Keeping your brand strong as you grow

Developing brand equity

Succeed with social media

Marketing your business with social media

Building your communities

Sharing your content

Choosing a social media platform

Making social media work for you

Knowing when you’re getting social media right

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