Tech City UK Partners With UKActive & AXA on ActiveLab Accelerator

Avatar, October 20, 2016 2 min read

This article was originally posted on the Tech City UK website.

We’re delighted to announce that we’re founding partners of the brand new ActiveLab accelerator programme to help health and physical activity startups grow and meet with large corporates in the sector.

The programme will identify and nurture innovative technology, products and services which will shape the future of the sector and transform how people move. ActiveLab is designed to help scale innovation through access to expertise from ukactive’s 4,000 members, industry mentors, and private sector/government partners.  The goal is for it to become the global home for scaling a physical activity business.

What are the criteria?

ukactive is looking for teams either developing innovative products or services to help children, families and the inactive population get more active, or businesses re-imagining assets and facilities to improve customer experience.

Applicants will be businesses who are now focusing on growth and scale, having already validated their product and generated revenue. They will have existing funding, or be in the process of raising capital, and will demonstrate a high level of month-on-month growth through key business metrics.


What will ActiveLab offer?

Following a competitive application process, ukactive will select twenty participants to gain valuable insights on how to scale a successful business through a series of expert-led workshops on the physical activity landscape, behaviour change, international expansion and more.

Participants will access one-to-one mentoring sessions with senior industry figures, and specialist advice from a range of private sector and government partners. Lastly, the programme will offer networking and promotion opportunities to elevate the profile of ActiveLab businesses with ukactive members, potential buyers and investors, strategic partners, and the media. The ActiveLab cohort will be announced on the 23rd November and the accelerator programme will run to March 2017.

What is ActiveLab Live?

The programme will culminate in a fast-paced event on the 15th March 2017 which will bring together ukactive members with high-profile speakers, partners, and influencers. Participants will have the opportunity to showcase at the event and take part in a series of live pitches, explaining why their product is integral to the future of our health.

You will be a physical activity businesses physical activity businesses focusing on growth and scale, where the product or service has been validated. Ideal teams have raised capital or are in the process of doing so, or are bootstrapped, and who can demonstrate a high level of month-on-month growth through key business metrics.


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