Brexit video diaries 3: Article 50’s triggered but uncertainty reigns

Martin Bryant, April 6, 2017 1 min read

This article was originally posted on the Tech North website.

Since the EU referendum last summer, news about what Brexit for businesses has been thin on the ground. We’ve followed two tech entrepreneurs and their reactions to Brexit developments since last August through a series of video diaries. Catch up with part one and part two.

Last week, Article 50 was triggered and Brexit is happening. But how have David Levine of DigitalBridge (who voted Remain) and Lee Evans of SurveyMe (who voted Leave) reacted to the news?

The Remain voter

David Levine is frustrated. He believes a funding bid he recently submitted to the EU was turned down on the basis of Brexit. He’s also concerned about the impact on recruiting computer vision experts for his business from the EU.

The Leave voter

Due to his availability, Lee Evans recorded his video diary just before Article 50 was triggered. He has raised £2 million from UK-based investors since his last video diary as he expands SurveyMe further into the US. Business is going well, with new and returning customers on both side of the Atlantic.

That said, he’s feeling the bite of the weakened pound against the dollar. He’s also concerned about potential disagreement among EU countries on how to treat the UK during the negotiations.

We’ll catch up with Lee and David when Brexit negotiations have progressed further.

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