This article was originally posted on the Tech City UK website.
From 1 April, the Government is extending the Broadband Connection Voucher Scheme for another year and to more cities across the UK. 
Originally operating in 22 cities, from the end of this month, the scheme will be available in 28 more cities, making 50 in total – you can see all the eligible cities here. As before, each voucher covers up to £3,000 of the installation costs associated with connecting or upgrading to superfast and ultrafast broadband. Businesses can use it for their individual connection or apply as a group to connect bigger or more complicated premises. Once installed, businesses pay the line rental and VAT.

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The £40 million set aside for the vouchers will be managed on a first come first serve basis i.e. the value of each voucher issued will be taken from the total until the funds are exhausted. More than 14,000 vouchers have already been issued to businesses across Tech Nation.
Check eligibility and learn more about the Connection Voucher Scheme and some of the businesses that have benefitted from the scheme.