Career Hacker: New job platform using big data analytics

Tech North, February 4, 2016 2 min read

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Tech North are proud to have partnered with Career Hacker to provide a new job platform to help applicants find jobs and courses, visualise career paths and find likeminded people from their chosen professions.

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By partnering with tech recruitment search engine Geek Talent (one of our Northern Stars) on the platform, we hope applicants will be able to land their dream career by better understanding the real skill requirements of their chosen role as the system is based on millions of real career profiles as well as real-time job and course data.
The system, which is being launched as a Beta version in the North and will later scale across the UK, aggregates data from career profiles across various social media sites, analyses it using the latest Big Data methods, and presents the findings in the portal by profession.

Career Hacker says “We are continually reviewing and launching new careers on our platform ensuring we offer the widest variety of quality careers advice, based on the real pathways of others. Our data also ensures the education system and curriculum keeps pace with the labour market with our quarterly reports now subscribed to by private and public institutions.”

As well as openings for software developers, you’ll also find adverts for designers, business analysts, project managers, web editors and other creative positions. Visit the Career Hacker website for a tour.

Tech North Talent

More than 170,000 people are employed in the tech and digital sectors in the North and we’ve seen 57% growth in digital start ups over the last three years. At the core of this are people, their talent and their potential, whether that be in code, content, analytics or hardware.
Our goal is to build and support this growth through activities and events such as:

Code Club Partnership

We’ve partnered with Code Club who run sessions for school children aged between 9 – 11. Their philosophy is to inspire children to become more involved with digital while sharing and learning. With 3,733 Code Clubs already in operation, volunteers and venues are becoming available for new groups in the North to meet the high demand. Read more about our Code Club Partnership

Liverpool Girl Geeks

Liverpool Girls Geeks run “Get Your Head Around Code” courses sponsored by Tech North. Co-founders Rebecca Jones and Chelsea Slater have continued to provide their ever increasing network of women a place to learn and share ideas about tech in a bid to promote diversity in digital business through positive role models and education.
Read more about Tech North’s work with Liverpool Girl Geeks

Tech Nation Visa for Exceptional Global Talent

If you’re from outside Europe and already growing your digital career, and can demonstrate ‘exceptional talent’ or ‘exceptional promise’ you may be eligible for the Tech Nation Visa – an exciting new visa route for tech and entrepreneurial talent. Find out more about the Tech Nation Visa Scheme


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