“Coming from a place with 1,000,000% inflation, for me uncertainty is almost non-existent in the UK”

Josue Vivas, February 20, 2019 3 min read

In the second of our series of stories of exceptional talent, we spoke to Josue Vivas, a Nuclear Design Engineer based in Oxfordshire. He became a Tech Nation Visa holder in 2017, and this week told us why he chose to work in UK tech.

Living here, I feel welcome, safe and with opportunities, and well integrated into the British culture, despite the current political situation with Brexit. The stability of the country is really strong. Long term, the macroeconomic plans for the UK (i.e. Patient Capital Review) will bring growth to UK businesses in global context. Coming from a place where inflation is more than 1 million percent, for me uncertainty is almost non-existent in the UK.

The Tech Nation Visa meant I had the freedom to build a career and a business at a realistic pace. Other routes were offering me limited space to develop the needed skills for the job that doesn’t exist yet. HR managers are curious about the “Exceptional Talent” title and that opens more possibilities.

Receiving the visa meant I could plan longer term, and build a network needed for my next step. Professionally there are many ways of developing my career and endless resources to make the transition into an entrepreneurial phase.

Clearly, the tech sector is moving fast thanks to the focused investment in different cities across the UK and the push for Tech Nation outside London. This diversification across cities and academic centres has created tech hubs away from London.

More and more investors for digital companies are willing to inject cash in startups for a long run, instead of quick 5-years exit strategy. This change is slowly happening in the UK allowing entrepreneurs to focus on growing businesses and creating real value.

There is a huge potential for agritech and industry 4.0. The government’s manufacturing strategies with the Catapults are pushing implementation of technologies to market faster. Unfortunately, this is happening slower than in the purely digital sector, as the capital expenditure required for transformation is higher, and incumbent equipment is still within its lifespan. The automation and minimal paperwork to administrate a business in the UK makes it easier and cheaper for entrepreneurs to start a business (digital or not). This for me has been one of the major factors when considering the UK as a business operations centre.

My background is in manufacturing design and entrepreneurship. After being endorsed I worked in the aerospace sector and am currently developing robotic solutions for nuclear waste. Having an insight into the most regulated industries in the world allows me to understand the current needs for developing cost-effective products. In parallel with my day job in the nuclear sector, I’m focusing on developing a digital business to help the manufacturing industry compete globally.

The Tech Nation Visa route provides you with access to a great network of professionals and thinkers, and widens your vision of the sector. It is worth spending the time creating a high-quality application. Use all your supporting documents to tell a story when put together.

I highly recommend becoming an expert on how to apply, use Home Office manuals, Home Office policies, and blogs, attend events, read qualification requirements… be diligent. You need to prove that you have exceptional talent, and you can show this with a great application. If you reach a point of knowing better than a lawyer about this immigration route, you’ve made a step in the right direction!

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