Encouraging a Culture of Local Innovation

Avatar, June 15, 2016 1 min read

This article was originally posted on the Tech City UK website.

Next week we’re launching the first ‘Tech Nation: Best Practice’ report – featuring in depth case studies of encouraging local innovation – which will focus on the promotion of enterprise & regeneration through Hackney Council and others in the East London borough over recent years

Each report is designed as thought leadership which can demonstrate successful approaches from around the country and provide others with a resource which allows them to replicate the actions that have worked and avoid those which haven’t.

The first report examines the role played by the community, businesses and Hackney Council in changing the way the area is perceived and attracting investors. We’ll be launching the report in the heart of Hackney at a place which has been a hub of activity throughout the last five years, Hackney House.



We’d love you to join us at the launch, please sign up today.


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Tech firms, people who live in Hackney and workers from other councils are all welcome. The day includes panel discussions, practical tips and the opportunity to meet those behind the report. Some of the businesses involved in creating Tech City UK will also be there.


You’ll get to hear first hand from individuals and organisations who’ve driven or been part of change in Hackney as well as being amongst the first group of people to ever read the report. Please come along and share your experiences!



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