Expansion to the USA: Launching in the US

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This article was originally posted on the Tech City UK website.

In this, the first in a three-part series on US expansion and fundraising, Daniel Glazer explores the steps UK companies can take to best position themselves for launching their digital business in the USA. 

TCUK / WSGR US Expansion Checklist – The 10 most important steps to ensure your company is heading in the right direction if you’re on the path of US expansion. Read More

Video – How To Expand Your UK Startup to the US – Another helpful checklist of key steps to US expansion – from core legal concepts to finding investors – and, it’s explained in just over 4 minutes, along with some nifty drawings.

Establishing US Operations as a UK Company – Need a little more than a checklist, but still want to keep it simple? We’ve got just the blog post for you. Read more.

When Should a UK Startup Establish a US Company? – Here are the various indicators that it’s time to strongly consider setting up a US entity.  Read more.

Coming to America? 5 Quick Tips for Crossing the Pond – This brief post helps entrepreneurs arm themselves with the knowledge needed to understand and overcome the fear of making the jump to the US. Read more.

Top Ten Tips for US Expansion – A more in-depth look at the key steps to US expansion, divided into brief sections focusing on IP, and what to do before and after your company establishes operations on the ground in the US. Read more.

The Pros and Cons of the Delaware Flip – This is less about acrobatics and more about the factors a UK company should consider when it comes to settling on an investor-friendly corporate structure in the US. Read more.

Incorporating in the US: Tax and Regulatory Considerations – Yes, the US tax system is a complicated one. This brief blog post helps entrepreneurs get familiar with the basics, without getting entangled in complexity. Read more.

The Startup Founder’s Guide to U.S. Immigration – With the heightened relevance of US immigration policies, you’ll want to read this timely article published by Elizabeth Jamae that discusses basic U.S. visa and immigration issues founders and human resource teams should understand when expanding to the US. Read more.

The UK Startup’s Guide to US Employment – Want to avoid painful and preventable entanglements with US employment laws? Here are the most common hiring-related employment issues for companies expanding to the US. Read more.

The UK Startup’s Guide to US Trademarks – Tips on how to capitalize on your brand and avoid risks. Read more.

The Impact of the Brexit Vote on US Expansion and Fundraising – We’re not even a year past the historic Brexit Vote, but there’s still a lot to consider as to its impact on UK companies and expansion plans. Read more.

European Dual Companies: A Scaleup Migration? The U.S. is the most frequent destination for European dual companies. In this joint research report with Mind the Bridge, we offer details on European scaleups expanding to the U.S. and key advantages for these companies, including proximity to strategic partners and potential acquirers, increased chances of gaining traction, and greater revenue potential. Read more.


‘Expansion to the USA’ is part of the transatlantic partnership between Tech City UK and Silicon Valley-headquartered Wilson Sonsini Goodrich & Rosati.

To suggest topics you’d like to see addressed, or if you have questions on Launching in the USA, contact US Expansion Lead Daniel Glazer at daniel.glazer@wsgr.com.  

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