Fintech founder? Here’s why you should apply for our Fintech 4.0 programme

Kane Fulton, June 22, 2021 3 min read

Covid-19 has acted as a reset button for many companies, giving them time to evaluate their priorities and key growth opportunities for the future.

Tailored for ambitious UK-based fintech and insurtech companies, our Fintech 4.0 growth programme offers a carefully curated programme of content that tackles key challenges faced by fintechs during the pandemic and beyond.

It consists of insights sessions delivered by some of the most established fintech entrepreneurs, investors and partners which give cohort members the tools and knowledge they need to scale. The programme lasts for six months and includes an in-depth induction, a series of learning sessions and networking events with key stakeholders.

Below, our Fintech Lead Katja Palovaara explains why founders should join the programme, who they will meet on their journey and some of the companies they will hear from.

The criteria:

  • Have headquarters in the UK
  • Be a digital tech with fintech or insurtech product or service to sell
  • The company is at Seed to Series A funding stage
  • If the company is self-funded, minimum annual revenue is £100k and maximum is £1.5m
  • Open to all B2B, B2C and B2B2C companies
  • The company is more than 1 year old
  • Has the ambition to scale!
  • *No agencies or consultancies

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Why should scaling fintech and insurtech companies apply for Fintech 4.0?

Katja: We have built the programme based on the challenges companies are facing today. It focuses on key topics ranging from how to let your culture flourish to learning to navigate delays in payments.

We will also delve into themes like hiring and retaining talent, international expansion, navigating regulation, and partnering with banks – to name a few. Additionally, we’ll be on-hand to make those all-important introductions, whether that’s with a regulator, a VC or a high street bank.

We take great pride in providing an open and honest atmosphere where cohort members can take advantage of a forum that is perfect for sharing and learning from peers. Through all the above, we can support a fintech’s growth from multiple angles.

Who are some of the speakers involved and what experience will they bring?

Founders love getting advice from their peers, so we like to bring in individuals who are one or two stages ahead of the cohort companies to hear how to plan their next steps (and what landmines to avoid!).

Our past speakers include Hiroki Takeuchi, CEO and cofounder of GoCardless; Shefali Roy, former COO of TrueLayer; Harsh Sinha, CTO at Wise (formerly TransferWise); Joanne Dewar, CEO at Global Processing Services; and Oke Eleazu, COO at Bought By Many. These founders have been through it all and can offer candid advice for the cohort as they embark on their scaling journeys.

How will the programme connect founders with others who are facing similar challenges?

Fintech 4.0 will feature themed insights shared by later stage founders, which will be coupled with intimate cohort-only sessions where members have the opportunity to discuss and dissect topics while building relationships with peers.

We have also hosted cohort-member-only networking events with no structured agenda that provide time for chatting. For Fintech 4.0, we hope to bring back in-person networking events across the UK to help our cohort forge meaningful peer-to-peer connections.

We also have the Tech Nation Knowledge Information Network (aka KIN), an engaging online community platform where everybody in our fintech cohort comes together with our other Tech Nation alumni.

Who else will founders meet on the programme?

We aim to tailor Fintech 4.0’s events based on the needs of our cohort companies. We are looking to host at least three networking events – one with investors, another with corporates and one with our Fintech Delivery Panel.

We also have a wonderful programme partner in Wilson Sonsini, who is an expert in supporting companies in our cohort who are looking to expand internationally.