Introducing: The Future Fifty 9.0 cohort

Tech Nation, April 19, 2021 6 min read

We are delighted to introduce the next cohort of companies joining our prestigious programme for late-stage tech companies – Future Fifty 9.0. 

Future Fifty is Europe’s leading late-stage growth programme, designed to bring together, empower and accelerate the growth of the most successful tech companies in the UK. Programme alumni include Monzo, Starling Bank, Darktrace, among others. 131 companies have taken part in the programme since its inception, collectively raising $11bn, with 9 companies going on to IPO.

Rt Hon Rishi Sunak MP, Chancellor of the Exchequer, said: “The UK tech’s sector is set to be the cornerstone of UK economic growth after the pandemic, and the companies in this year’s Future Fifty cohort are a shining example of our nation’s innovation, entrepreneurship and resilience. Nurturing the growth of these scaling companies at such a critical stage is a national priority, as these are the businesses who are already shaping our future both locally and globally.” 

Ana Lucia Buckman, Future Fifty Lead, Tech Nation, commented: Despite the challenging year for UK businesses, and the rigorous selection process of the Future Fifty programme, the companies in this year’s cohort have overcome tremendous obstacles and achieved unprecedented levels of growth. They have demonstrated their position as UK tech leaders and I would like to congratulate them for having a real impact on the rapid growth of the UK economy and the world at large.”

The stats

The facts and figures behind the Future Fifty 9.0 cohort

The 22 companies joining the programme are driving the growth of UK tech. Companies hail from across the UK, and from a broad range of tech sub-sectors, including fintech, edtech, healthtech and e-commerce. On average, new companies in this year’s cohort are growing by more than 1,029% year-on-year, a 140% increase on last year, with average annual revenues at a staggering £23m, 305% higher than in 2020. 

There are a total of 8 fintechs and insurtechs joining the programme this year, who have raised $769mn between them to date. More than a third of new companies joining Future Fifty are fintechs and insurtechs (8 out of 22), the prevalence of which suggests that these sectors are fuelling the growth of UK tech and driving economic recovery. 

The 9.0 cohort

Data Analytics & Business Intelligence | @AskAttest
Great companies put consumers and data at the heart of every decision. Attest makes this possible for every business, continuously, at a global scale. Through their SaaS platform, hundreds of companies can access audiences of over 100 million consumers across 45 countries. They can learn about consumer needs, understand live trends, enter new markets, validate decisions, develop new products and services, measure brands, track competition, and ultimately – grow.

Bought By Many
Insurtech | @boughtbymany
Bought By Many creates unique, quality pet insurance cover to help pet parents take care of their pet’s health. Their mission is to create a better kind of insurance experience for pet owners. Bought By Many uses data and consumer insight to understand pet owners’ insurance needs and develops unique policies and services to meet them.

Ecommerce | @depop
Depop is the fashion marketplace where the next generation buy, sell and get inspired. They are headquartered in London, with offices in Manchester, New York, Los Angeles and Sydney. Depop is a team of nearly 300 people dedicated to the mission of empowering the next generation to transform fashion.

Healthtech | @echo_pharmacy
Delivering your NHS prescriptions right to your door, Echo helps over 450,000 NHS patients manage their medicine. Their easy to use system works with your GP to enable simple ordering, prescription fulfilment and free delivery. Users can request prescriptions, track their orders and set reminders to take their medicine, all from their mobile app or website .

Global App Testing
Software Development | @QAOps
Global App Testing provides best-in-class functional web and app testing for engineering and QA teams at companies such as Facebook, Google, Microsoft and many more.  They use a blend of crowdtesting and intelligent automation to help release high quality software anywhere in the world. 

Immersive Labs
Cybersecurity | @immersivelabs
Immersive Labs is empowering organisations to equip, exercise, and evidence their own human cyber capabilities. With Immersive Labs, organisations can align their human assets with actual cybersecurity risks, battle-test teams against real-world threats and crises, and track and report cyber skills. 

Fintech | @liberisglobal
Liberis’ mission is to end the SME funding gap via their embedded flexible finance solutions which have so far helped 16,000 SMEs with more than £500m in funding. Their API-powered platform enables acquirers, marketplaces and software providers to quickly and easily embed finance solutions within their existing ecosystems, enabling intuitive and accessible finance experiences for SMEs across the globe.

Lawtech | @luminancetech
Luminance is a market-leading artificial intelligence platform for document review. Using a combination of supervised and unsupervised machine learning to read and form an understanding of legal documentation in any language or jurisdiction, Luminance is able to identify clauses, anomalies and a range of key data points. Luminance vastly expedites and improves insight during document reviews across a wide range of practice areas, from assisting corporate lawyers to helping in-house teams and litigators.

Insurtech | @getmarshmallow
Marshmallow is a licensed insurance carrier, powered by technology. They’re rebuilding insurance for good and offer their customers cheaper, faster and fairer insurance by utilising the latest technology, data and AI.

Fintech | @monese
Everyone should have access to financial services and Monese makes managing your money as simple and accessible as possible. Monese’s mobile app is an alternative to banks, with an account you can open quickly and easily. Their accounts are multi-currency, multilingual and localised.

Fintech | @moneyboxteam
Moneybox is on a mission to help everyone save and invest for their future. Offering a range of saving and investment products including Stocks & Shares ISAs, savings accounts and pensions, Moneybox enables customers to set money aside in the way that suits them best using round ups, regular deposits or one-off payments, whilst popular tools such as the Time Machine help them keep their savings on track.

My Tutor
Edtech | @MyTutor
MyTutor offers one-to-one tuition that’s proven to boost teens’ grades and confidence. The tutors are all subject experts, and handpicked from UK universities. Lessons are offered in over 30 subjects from Key Stage 2 through to A Level, and give teens the chance to review tricky topics, fill in learning gaps and be coached in exam technique by tutors with recent exam experience.

Decision Intelligence and Artificial Intelligence | @Peak_HQ
Peak is helping the world’s smartest companies put the power of AI at the centre of all commercial decision making. With Decision Intelligence, a brand new category of AI-driven software and services, they’re helping their clients unlock the value of their data and start bringing certainty to their decision making, powered by AI.

Primary Bid
Fintech | @primarybid
PrimaryBid empowers retail investors in the public markets by removing obstacles to their participation in corporate fundraising, enhancing fairness and transparency. Working in partnership with the London Stock Exchange and Euronext, PrimaryBid’s tech enables individuals to join corporate fundraising on equal terms with institutional investors.

Pure Planet
Entech | @joinpureplanet
Britain’s first digital green energy supplier, Pure Planet uses smart technology and a shared community to make being sustainable the easy choice. They are a Which? recommended energy provider 2020, and the first domestic supplier to offer 100% renewable electricity and 100% carbon offset gas.

Push Doctor
Healthtech | @PushDoctor
Empowering people to engage with their health on their terms, Push Doctor works in partnership with NHS practices, PCNs and CCGs across the country. It provides the platform and technology to allow safe and secure video consultations with NHS GPs, empowers patients and clinicians to leverage the benefits of a digital solution, and fully integrates with NHS clinical systems to ensure continuity of patient safety and care.

Retail tech | @SortedOfficial
Sorted is a global SaaS company, giving retailers full control of delivery management – whether that’s optimising checkout delivery options, enhancing carrier management in the warehouse or providing market-leading post-purchase CX. Sorted’s software is live in 19 countries around the world, and offers access to a carrier library of 1000+ services.
Data Analytics & Business Intelligence@streetbees
Streetbees reveals how people behave, and why, by analysing real-life moments collected from its worldwide users. Over 3.5 million users – or ‘bees’ – across 190 countries worldwide use the chat-style Streetbees app to share moments from their daily lives via videos, photos and text. Through applying advanced natural language processing technology to the results, Streetbees uncovers not just what they do, but also why they do it, what drives them – and predicts what they may do next.

Robotics | @Tharsusltd
Tharsus is a designer and manufacturer of game-changing advanced machine and robotic solutions – Strategic Machines. Its technology tackles steep automation challenges, solves tough business problems, and drives real ‘strategic’ impact for customers, helping them to gain competitive advantage in the automation age. Tharsus has delivered robust and progressive automation solutions for some of the best businesses around the world, including DHL, Ocado, BMW and Small Robot Co.

Fintech | @TideBusiness
Tide is a business banking platform on a mission to save small business owners time (and money) on their banking and admin. The Tide business bank account is connected to a number of tools to help small businesses make payments, manage expenses and invoices, and conduct their accounting quickly and easily.

Insurtech | @tractable_ai
Tractable develops artificial intelligence for accident and disaster recovery. Its market-leading AI solutions use photos to automate damage appraisal, allowing insurers to improve accuracy, reduce turnaround time, and deliver a revamped customer claims experience. Tractable has processed hundreds of thousands of auto insurance claims, positively impacting people’s lives across the world.

Immersive Technology | @ultraleap
Ultraleap allows people to engage with the digital world naturally. The core technologies are 3D hand tracking that allows you to interact with digital content, and mid-air haptics that use ultrasound to add a sense of touch in mid-air. These technologies enable touchless and hygienic solutions that are applicable to a range of industries, including extended reality (VR & AR), digital signage, kiosks, automotive, industrial automation, consumer electronics and entertainment.

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