Gamechangers, giving 110%, it’s the UK Tech XI

Orla Browne, June 14, 2018 2 min read

You may have heard the World Cup’s happening, so we’ve put together a 100% objective assessment of UK tech’s finest playmakers, who put in creative, resilient performances week-in, week-out. The definitive UK tech XI. In other words – feel free to argue with us. #UKTechXI

9 – No dream team is complete without a headline maker. The star that creates opportunities that no-one thought possible. A player that leads from the front and inspires the whole team. On their day, they’re not just unplayable, they’re Improbable.

10Monzo – The Dele Alli of banking. Young, cool, creative, constantly disproving the haters and winning fans around the world. In demand, and with a long career ahead of them. When they’re on the pitch, anything’s on the cards.

11 – A player with a maturity beyond their years and one of the first names on the team sheet. A reliable presence with exceptional Deliveroo.

5 – A talismanic presence. Putting in a shift on and off the pitch, they’re running the party in the Boiler Room and the dressing room.

8 – Bringing extensive international experience and genuine pace. Having moved around a lot in their careers, they’re Transferwise.

3 – They’re cantering down the left flank like a Redknapp-era Gareth Bale, tearing the competition apart, and they’re UKFast.

7Skyscanner on the wing. Or something about aerial ability. Choose your pun.

6 –  A FanDuel favourite and part of the old guard. They know the game inside and out. Nothing’s getting past them.

2BigChange – no nonsense, well positioned, always on the ball.

4 – Their unorthodox style grabs the attention of the crowd, and their acceleration potential makes them dangerous. They link up well with the midfield too. SocialChain.

1Darktrace – intriguingly enigmatic, but ultimately a big presence, and a safe and secure pair of hands.

The Manager – bringing the team together, and supporting through forward-thinking tactics. It’s the Matt Hancock App.

It’s a pretty intimidating lineup we have to say. How will they fare? Who would you pick? Let us know. @TechNation #UKTechXI

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