Introducing: the Growth Platform for scaleup leadership teams

Tech Nation, June 15, 2022 3 min read

Tech Nation has just launched our new Growth Platform specifically for your scaleup leadership teams – creating the ultimate, interactive scaling handbook to empower you and your teams to problem-solve quickly on your growth journey.

Whether it’s learning how to hire a board or deciding if it’s time for your next investment round – we’ll ensure the answers are right at your fingertips.

We know that CEOs don’t want to, and can’t solve all scaling challenges themselves. You need to be able to rely on leadership teams across the business to make high-pressure or high-stakes decisions; it’s the only way a business can scale at speed. The new Growth Platform offers the essential resources to enable this: relevant peer groups for the leadership team, access to advice and support from past scaling leaders, alongside data for decision-making. 

We hope that providing this crucial access will avoid the same learnings and processes having to be repeated from year to year and scaleup to scaleup, enabling the next generation of UK success stories to scale quicker and more effectively.

What is the Growth Platform?

The Growth Platform is a digital hub for the tools, knowledge, network and data that leadership teams need to problem-solve and scale a tech company – all found in one single place.

Personalised content and masterclasses provide answers to more than 900 scaling challenges identified by founders and leadership teams, helping you problem-solve from seed stage all the way through to IPO. 

Our smart platform matches topics, guidance and solutions to your growth stage, sector and even job role – preparing you and your team to face current and future challenges.

The virtual networking functions provide Instant access to other founders and their leadership teams. This vetted, credible and curated group of experts will broaden your existing network and help you optimise the best decisions for your tech business.

Based on our alumni alone, our unique network includes nearly 30% of the UK’s tech unicorns, with this set to increase.

Within the network, you can join highly curated groups, meeting others at senior levels in similar businesses who are focusing on the same challenges.

Reaching more scaleups than ever before

This launch is an evolution of Tech Nation, building upon the success of the last eight years, that reflects a new way of building networks in a more remote world.

A digital platform allows us to reach more scaleups than ever before and ensures our support will extend beyond regions, time zones, territories and technologies.

It will enable us to store and share much of the learning from each year’s activity, to build the most powerful scaling playbook, and provide market-leading data and benchmarking to help predict future challenges and speed the scaling journey.

While we see the Growth Platform launch as a milestone moment, it’s the result of our years of experience working directly with scaling tech companies both through our growth programmes and our regional activities and networks led by Scaling Engagement Managers (formerly Entrepreneur Engagement Managers) across the UK.  

A quarter of all UK unicorns have participated in one of our programmes, and only 2% of our alumni companies have failed between seed-stage and series F stage, compared to 94% for tech startups more generally. Turnover at our alumni companies increases on average by 46% within two years of us engaging with and supporting the company.

Is the Growth Platform right for me?

Would you benefit from expert support to overcome your scaling challenges?

The platform provides engaging, highly personalised content focused on over 900 challenges that Tech Nation has identified. These solutions are brought to you through our extensive experience and from content created by hundreds of inspiring leaders who have been through, and more importantly overcome the same journey as you.

Are you lacking any information or data which would support your decision-making?

We can help you identify future challenges, tell you how you stack up against your competition (past and present) and help you predict what’s coming next.

Would your business network increase with access to a virtual, highly-focused community?

In a scaling business we know things move FAST – and your team feel the pressure as much as you. We can build their support network, providing small trusted groups of peers, enabling your team to ask questions, grow and ultimately empower them to solve more challenges by themselves.

Do you want to connect with relevant peers and fuel discussion based on shared experiences, rather than where you happen to be based?

Through our challenge-based groups and forums – we will put you together with others facing the same challenges, but also give you access to valuable opinions and discussions from those who have faced them in the past, accelerating your route to a solution.

Do you want to raise your profile?

Our platform connects you to our alumni network and a wealth of advisors, investors, partners and the media.

Are you interested in applying to a Tech Nation growth programme?

The all-in-one hub provides access to our market-leading growth programmes, courses and events – it’s fast and simple to apply once you’ve joined our platform, so you can access game-changing training in no time.

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