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We caught up with HitFilm CEO, Josh Davies, to find out what their latest release means for filmmakers all over the world – not just in Norwich

As a global software company based in Norwich, we’re thrilled to see the tech scene thriving (we aren’t the only gems hidden away), so we try to use our position as a global digital company to positively influence the local community by hiring interns and graduates from the University of East Anglia. In fact, almost half of our staff are UEA graduates – so much are we impressed by the talent we’ve found!

HitFilm 3 Express is the only all-in-one editing and professional visual effects software backed up with a vast range of tutorials and unparalleled support. Recently, we launched this for free, for everyone.

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What makes us unique as company are the people; our talented HitFilm team and the creative community we’ve created around the product over the years. Our core mission is to provide the very best tools for indie filmmakers and we value our supportive and vocal community above all else.

We’ve spent over 7 years developing the professional version of HitFilm which is used globally by over 125,000 filmmakers – and excitingly, the free Express version shares some of that same powerful technology. This is great news for some because typically we find that filmmakers either have to invest money in expensive professional software, or deal with cheap, limited tools.

Top users of ours have gone on to define the new generation of over 50 million online creators and include YouTube superstars Freddie Wong (Forbes top 30 under 30) and Corridor Digital (over 314 million channel views). When it came to the free release, it was a no-brainer for us to partner with leading YouTube channel Film Riot, who produced short film Portal Combat to demonstrate the Hollywood quality special effects made possible by HitFilm 3 Express.

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We’re very proud to be leading a new generation of filmmakers into an era where producing professional level content doesn’t have to stop at a budget.

Josh is the CEO & Founder of HitFilm. Email

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