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Recruiting from outside the EU is easier, thanks to the Exceptional tech talent visa


We know that getting the right talent is key for a business to grow, and sometimes the rockstar you need happens to be overseas. Finding the right people and relocating them is not always easy. The community was clear in its feedback around the challenges of hiring international talent. Last year we provided this feedback to the Government and from this the Tier 1 Exceptional Talent Visa was born.

In April this year, the Home Office introduced the Tier 1 Exceptional Talent Visa for technology – a dedicated, fast-track visa route for applications from highly skilled tech workers overseas.

Tech City UK’s Role

Tech City UK is an official advisor to the Home Office, and a Designated Competent Body for the visa route, like The Arts Council (for arts and culture applications), The British Academy (for humanities and social science), and The Royal Academy of Engineering (for engineering).

Tech City UK can make 200 recommendations for individuals suitable for the visa route.

Highlights of the application process

  • Applicants can apply online through the Home Office website, and applications are then passed to Tech City UK by the Home Office.

  • As an applicant you will need to provide proof of your track record as an innovator in the digital space and a letter of recommendation from a UK-based recognised expert in the field.

  • If the application is successful, visa holders can be granted more than three years residency in the UK.

Full information around the application process and requirements are available here. Please spread the word as you come across talented experts who could add real value to a UK business!

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