How to: tell if you have what it takes to be an entrepreneur

Jack Preece, June 22, 2018 2 min read

You may have a great idea, but do you have what it takes to turn it into a business? After all, being an entrepreneur is hard, and it’s not for everyone.

We’ve identified five key traits that are common amongst successful entrepreneurs. Whether you’re starting out as an entrepreneur or you’ve just founded your 3rd startup, it’s always helpful to reflect on the skill set you have and can improve upon.

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Successful traits of a tech entrepreneur

1. Seek opportunity

Entrepreneurs see problems as opportunities. They also don’t like leaving these opportunities for someone else to pursue. Do you look at problems in your life, and instantly think about how to solve them?

2. Take risks

Entrepreneurs take a risk on a future business rather than looking for a safe job today. Are you a ‘poker player’ who is willing to take measured risks to secure future returns?

3. Tolerate failure

Entrepreneurs fail often but never let that failure deter them. Do you have the will to experiment and keep going, even if you sometimes fail?

4. Leverage resources

Entrepreneurs often have to improvise and create solutions with what they have at hand. Do you have the ability to leverage your network for help?

5. Show tenacity

Entrepreneurs regularly have to deal with doubt and uncertainty over their future. Do you have the persistence to hang in there, to learn from the inevitable setbacks, and drive ideas into action?

Put your skills to the test

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List created with Dave Chapman & Tim Barnes from UCL

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