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Learn the Skills You Need to Start, Run, or Join a Digital Business

A recent Nectar survey found that 80% of young people in Britain would like to start their own business in the next five years. This is an incredible statistic. Minds are changing, attitudes are progressing and the UK’s entrepreneurial spirit is rapidly increasing.

Good news story.

But at the same time, digital businesses around the country are calling out for talent; 745,000 additional workers with digital skills will be required in Britain alone to grow the economy over the next 3-4 years.[1]

So far, only part of the digital skills gap has been addressed largely by a number of industry-led coding initiatives and through computer science becoming part of the school curriculum. Whilst programming and coding skills are important, start-ups and SMEs – who drive nearly half of all UK job creation – are not finding the right talent to grow and scale their companies.

This leaves us with a fundamental problem: the demand for digital skills is greater than the rate of supply.

This is where we come in.

We will be unveiling Digital Business Academy very soon – a unique programme offering in the UK dedicated to to meeting this challenge. It is the first time that a government-funded MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) has been developed with the specific aim of upskilling the nation and developing the necessary business skills to succeed in the digital industries. Pre-register here.

The Digital Business Academy will bring together the UK’s world-class educational institutions UCL, Cambridge Judge Business School and grassroots digital skills provider Founder Centric in a series of 8 courses – all online and accessible to anyone in the UK for free. We want the UK population, irrelevant of age, economic status, or background, to be able to access the vital training and skills they need to excel in digital business.


Unique to Digital Business Academy are the opportunities on offer for each individual that completes the course. Through our industry partnerships, to be announced upon the launch of the programme in November, we aim to offer all participants direct access to the start-up community. This will be achieved through internships, training, mentoring, and start-up support.

We see the Digital Business Academy as a bold step in the spirit of democratising education. At Tech City UK we want to fast-track the move towards a more entrepreneurial nation.

8 Courses. From the Experts. For Free.

Pre-register for Digital Business Academy here. Make sure to keep up to speed on all updates on twitter and Facebook. For tips and tricks on how to get ahead in digital business, check out the dedicated programme blog.

[1] The Future of Digital Skills Needs in the UK Economy, O2 & Development Economics, 2014;

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