Introducing Tech Nation’s Angel Community

James Bedford, November 6, 2018 2 min read

Last night we were thrilled to hold the first event for Tech Nation’s new Angel Community, at our new home in Bonded Warehouse, Manchester. An evolution of last year’s, Tech North Angel Network, this community will initially host events in Manchester, Leeds, Newcastle, Liverpool and Cheshire. So whether you’re an individual interested in understanding more about angel investing; a seasoned angel investor interested in expanding into tech investments; or a tech business looking to raise angel capital, we’ll have an event in plan for you.

Investor readiness

Last night’s investor readiness workshop with Gaynor Dykes, Guy Weaver, Adam Kara and Daniel Hayhurst, focused on when and how to raise investment from angels, how best to approach short and long pitches, where to find angels, and how to access information around the legal/accounting intricacies of investment, as well as some sexy info about due diligence and how to ensure that your business is by the book. A key part of the discussion emphasised the importance of being open and honest with investor conversations.

These workshops are tightly tailored to tech entrepreneurs looking to raise seed investment. We’ll be joined by our expert legal and accounting partners, as well as experienced VCs, angels and previous recipients of seed investment, creating a dynamic learning environment.

Following hot on the heels of our first event, we’ll be holding another in Liverpool on 22nd November. There are limited spaces, but if you are a tech entrepreneurs looking to raise seed investment, sign up here.

Angels of the North

We will be running new Angel workshops aimed at new or inexperienced angel investors, and existing investors who have yet to put money into tech. If you’ve got money to invest in early-stage startups but don’t know where to begin, we’ll give you everything you need to know.

Young tech startups are different to any other kind of investment, with specific challenges but potentially large rewards. At these events you’ll hear from experienced investors, lawyers, and accountants. They’ll share everything you need to know about getting started as a tech angel.

The workshop will cover topics like:

  • The angel market and the role of an angel investor
  • Tax relief and investment trends
  • What to look for in an investment opportunity

Social network 

Additionally we will be running the Angel Network 2.0, with events for new lead angels. These will feature existing angels who have led investment rounds sharing their experience, and great companies and speakers giving the latest market insights.

Keep an eye on our events page, for details.

Our expert programme partners will be sharing their support and expertise across our events and with our wider network; thanks to Grant Thornton, Blu Sky, Brabners and Mincoffs.

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