IoT Launchpad Series: Internet of Things Academy – BuggyAir

Avatar, February 26, 2015 2 min read

This article was originally posted on the Tech City UK website.

Along with our partners, Innovate UK and Cambridge Wireless, we announced the seven winners of the Internet of Things (IoT) Launchpad competition in December.

The Launchpad comprises of four key elements: three rounds of applications; a Supplier Showcase event delivered by Cambridge Wireless; a set of business support activities from our corporate partners; and an Investor Day to be delivered next week.

Ahead of the Investor Day, we’re running a series of blog posts to give you an insight into each of the winners, who will be pitching their startup at the event.

Internet of Things Academy‘s project BuggyAir is an innovative solution for the everyday problem of air pollution, which affects most large cities around the world.  The idea is to allow parents/carers the opportunity to protect their young children from air pollution.

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BuggyAir fits GPS trackers to pushchairs as well as compact air tracking monitors, essentially to map areas with poor air quality to allow parents to avoid them in the future. According to the team, they already have a great deal of interest in the devices and indeed the environmentally-conscious approach they’re taking.

Anab Jain, Founder of Superflux who co-created the Internet of Things Academy, believes BuggyAir could influence current Government policy:

“We are now in the process of building BuggyAir, a project to help parents understand their children’s exposure to air pollution. Our intention is that the data generated does not simply report the state of the world, but acts as political surrogates for a community advocating for its interests.”

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