Launch of the LawtechUK Hub

Jenifer Swallow, May 27, 2021 2 min read

Digital transformation of legal and court services requires awareness and understanding of relevant technologies and a willingness to apply a new approach.  Easy access to reliable  information is fundamental to a thriving lawtech ecosystem.  This is why we built the LawtechUK Hub, which we launch today, to provide a central resource for all who want to learn about lawtech and shape the future of law.  


Legal practitioners of all kinds need basic technical literacy to understand and meet the changing needs of their customers and stakeholders.  Working through Covid-19 has contributed to the technical capability of legal practitioners worldwide, like an unscheduled training exercise.  That exercise though, was focused on online methods of communication, which is only a small part of the technical capability relevant to law.  The opportunity is to extend this learning to wider technical literacy, so that everyone in the sector has a baseline of understanding about the core types of technology and how they can be applied – just the simple basics for everyone.  Legal practitioners can then build on this baseline as a foundation and follow a learning journey relevant to them, through other LawtechUK resources and/or the various specialist courses now available in the market.  

We therefore launch with the Hub six free short courses on the core types of technology relevant to legal and court services, developed with expert practitioners, together with cross-sector examples of how they can be applied.  Just six courses.  Just 30 minutes each.  In bite-size pieces. 

Our LawtechUK Panel member Dr Anna Donovan, who had a leading role in the design and delivery of the Hub comments: “The legal services sector is going to see more change and evolution in the next 5-10 years than it has in the past 30 years.  Ensuring that our practitioners have the information, education and training needed to support and help shape this transformation is critical.  We are excited to be launching the LawtechUK Hub to help with this journey – enabling transformation through education.”


At LawtechUK we are working on a range of collaborative initiatives to support the development and adoption of lawtech that meets the needs of business and wider society.   And we know how important information liquidity is to the development of an ecosystem.  So we look to share cross-sector insights and toolkits on an open access basis – the Lawtech Hub is a central place for these.   

For example, we have developed:

  • A nationwide database of UK lawtech start ups and scale ups – the Data Commons for Lawtech – which includes information such as job opportunities, investment and valuations.
  • A toolkit with the ODI to enable data sharing for lawtech development.
  • A set of rules to help with the rapid resolution of disputes involving digital transactions.
  • A tool to help lawtech developers navigate the regulatory landscape.
  • A legal statement on crypto assets and smart contracts.
  • Video insights from community trailblazers.


The Hub also provides information about our work at LawtechUK and how to get involved.  Consider it a shared space, where you are welcome any time. We very much look forward to user feedback and learning together as we take this forward from here.   

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