This article was originally posted on the Tech City UK website.

Business tools are key to a startup growing effectively. In order to help navigate through the extensive amount of resources out there, we’ve put together The Startup Toolkit – a community-driven list of useful services and tools that other businesses have found useful through their journey.

We asked experts and friends from the tech industry to share the tools they’ve found most helpful when setting up and growing their business.

Our Startup Toolkit is segmented to help entrepreneurs navigate and master different business processes. By using the right tools you can standardise daily management procedures, better understand customers’ needs, set and keep track of your goals, optimise your overall business performance based on insights, and oversee potential challenges to grow steadily.

Our Startup Toolkit includes community curated tools for:

  • Finance – Tools to help you run your finances and keep track of bookkeeping, payroll and tax
  • Ecommerce – Solutions to ensure your customers have a great shopping experience
  • Analytics – Analytics tools to help you understand and optimise your business performance
  • Social Media Tools – Managing social outreach in an efficient way to develop your audience and brand
  • Email Marketing – Email marketing to your customer database
  • Project Management Tools – Project management tools to accelerate your efficiency
  • Talent and HR – To build and manage a rockstar team
  • Web hosting & Domain names – Domain name registration and web hosting services
Please let us know what you think of these tools and if there are other tools you’d be keen to recommend to your fellow entrepreneurs.
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