Liverpool Girl Geeks: ‘Get Your Head Around Code’

Tech North, January 15, 2016 4 min read

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Liverpool Girls Geeks have got the year off to a great start with their Tech North sponsored courses “Get Your Head Around Code” already fully booked. Testament to the enthusiasm and popularity of LGG in 2015, Co-founders Rebecca Jones and Chelsea Slater have continued to provide their ever increasing network of women a place to learn and share ideas about tech in a bid to address the demand for more talent within the technology sector.


The culmination of events that led to the meeting of minds between Tech North and Liverpool Girl Geeks started with a conversation between Chelsea, Rebecca and Coral Grainger Head of Talent and Skills at Tech North. As Chelsea recounts “Suzanne Jameson from Liverpool City Council introduced Rebecca and I to Coral at Tech North. We hit it off and sparked hundreds of ideas on how Liverpool could create an exciting movement to open up the digital and tech opportunity to a wider audience. With everyone on the same page this was a real chance for LGG to get something new off the ground and agreed a Partnership to offer free ‘Get Your Head Around Code’ sessions in January, February and March.”.
Rebecca’s feedback on the first session that has now taken place signals positivity with more on its way. “It was wonderful to see such engaged women of all ages and backgrounds and current professional sectors come together to learn about code! We could see new passions igniting across some of the group and look forward to welcoming them to our more in-depth 6 week courses on specific coding languages!

Last night proved to us what we already knew about the Liverpool women, that given the opportunity to develop these skills in an inclusive and supportive environment they will be the most vibrant vanguard of the future digital landscape.”
Liverpool Girl Geeks are redefining technology in the North as more organisations understand that it’s a diversity of ideas that drives effective innovation. Coral Grainger adds ”it is fantastic to see a growing number of role models in women’s tech like Chelsea and Rebecca . Companies in the North know that a gender balance in tech is good for business and our local communities which are supported by groups like Liverpool Girl Geeks.”

As more women participate in the tech economy, camaraderie and networking can be found on LGG’s busy blog, social media channels and events held in Liverpool. There is always a way to connect for those who may want to ask questions, share ideas or learn about tech.
Regular LGG blogger Helen Johnson explains why she thinks there has been an increase in popularity with tech groups for women. “Personally I think in 2015 there was a big push to get women in tech from not only grassroot groups but from big name companies too. Also within our education system, we are now receiving cohorts that have grown up their entire lives around powerful technology that is used to teach, not just for entertainment. Social media and digital marketing is also acting as a gateway into learning technical skills as the platform develops and marketeers are increasingly needing to think more as a developer rather than a traditional marketing executive. Combined with an increase in open source programs, it is easier than ever to learn new technological skills without much financial investment.”
Rock Stars like Google’s Parisa Tabriz and Facebook’s Sheryl Sandberg are strong indicators that change is happening at all levels. Those with tech skills have increasing amounts of leverage within a business environment. With such a high demand for technical experience in the workplace, increased accessibility to creative opportunities, a flexible work/life balanced lifestyle and a high salary are just some of things that can achieved through working in tech.
Anyone who has spent time with a committed tech group (whether at work or at play) will already know there is a definite buzz within this community. Rebecca adds “LGG for me has been such a personal learning curve. Meeting with so many engaging women who are passionate about their sector and recruiting more women to join them in a plethora of job roles, at all levels of management and below, has been astounding. There’s so much enthusiasm for the work Chelsea and I are doing. As well as the women who work in the industry already, meeting women who aspire to gather more skills and upskill or change roles. The tech and digital industry has such an impetus at the moment it’s thrilling to be a part of.”


If you would like to find out more about Liverpool Girl Geeks please visit their website or social media.


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