Lost in tech terminology – an excellent Advent-ure

Hannah Thornley, December 1, 2019 2 min read

Technology buzzwords can be difficult to navigate. You may be confused by an investor describing themselves as an Angel. Or you’re left looking around for a mythical creature after hearing a business referred to as a unicorn.

We know tech’s vocabulary plays a vital role in understanding the context of conversations or negotiations. Which is why we want to guide you through this particular terminology maze. In fact, it’s all we want for Christmas.

So this Advent, we’ve put together a crafty little calendar of tech jargon dingbat puzzles. Test your vocab, and learn something new. Start playing the Tech Jargon Advent Calendar now.

Behind every door

Our advent calendar is an interactive way for you to get up to speed with the variety of phrases within this sometimes opaque industry.

Over the festive season we will be unveiling a daily buzzword for you to guess – with the aim of expanding your knowledge so you can weave the lingo into any situation. That, and it’s a bit of fun.

If you’re struggling, take a look at our Scaleup Glossary of technology industry terms for further education (and perhaps a clue or two!).

By the start of the new year we guarantee that the next time you hear someone mention ‘Series A’, you’ll know that they are talking about the first scaleup investment for a company looking to ramp up operations, and not the next must-watch show on Netflix.

Good luck guessing!

Play the Tech Jargon Advent Calendar >

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