Meetups in the South East: discover a new digital tech meetup to attend

Kane Fulton, March 9, 2020 1 min read

Research shows that collaborative tech ecosystems with thriving meetup scenes are more likely to succeed.

You never know when you’ll have your next serendipitous encounter at a meetup. Even if you don’t meet somebody who can help take your business forward, there’s always something to learn from others.

This is your directory of meetups in the South East. If you have a suggestion for this page, let our Entrepreneur Engagement Manager for the region Elizabeth Corse know.

For more data, visit Data Commons – our national database of technology businesses, founders, investors, VC funds, angels, accelerators, universities and service providers to the sector.

Find meetups in the South East

Find meetups in Basingstoke

Cafesci Basingstoke

Find meetups in Brighton

Silicon Brighton

Brighton Chamber events

Find meetups in Guilford

Silicon Drinkabout

The inspiration Space

Find meetups in Maidenhead


Find meetups in Milton Keynes

Google Developer Group Milton Keynes

Growth Community for MK Tech Startups

Internet of Things Milton Keynes

Made in MK

MK Geek Night


Find meetups in Oxford

Enterprising Oxford events calendar

Oxford Tech Tribe Curated events calendar

Find meetups in Portsmouth

Tech Solent

Find meetups in Reading and the Thames Valley

Thames Valley AI Meet-up

The Curious Lounge – Events

Google Developer Group – Reading & Thames Valley

Thames Valley AI hub

Find meetups in Southampton

Tech Solent

Find meetups in Winchester

The Inspiration Space

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