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This week Minister Ed Vaizey came to visit the Tech City UK team and local digital business builders at our temporary home at WeWork, Moorgate. 

The event, convened by the Tech City UK team, saw Ed take questions from an enthusiastic group of founders, CEOs and senior representatives of Tech City-based digital businesses. Speaking frankly about the Government’s hopes and aspirations for the future of the digital economy, Vaizey commented: “We are at a tipping point. The UK has the potential to be a global leader in technological innovation. We’re doing everything we can to accelerate that and Tech City UK is an example of that commitment in practice.”


The Minister was joined by a delegation MEPs who will be working closely on the development of the Digital Single Market. Commenting on the opportunities the DSM has the potential to unlock, Vaizey said: “The Digital Single Market has the potential to clear the barriers that are impeding the sale, supply and purchase of digital products across the European continent. We’re excited to see how the policy framework unfolds.”

Gerard MEP

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Tech City UK Convenes Leading Policy Makers and Digital Businesses


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