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Earlier this month, Nesta released their Young Digital Makers report, “Surveying attitudes and opportunities for digital creativity across the UK”

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The report showcases the extent to which young people in the UK are making things digitally, with 83% of respondents reporting they have made something online. Through their research, Nesta has been able to chart all organisations offering people opportunities in digital making and map their geographical penetration across the country.

Digital making represents a diverse range of activities, from programming on a computer, to designing and 3D printing physical objects.

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Interestingly, 82% of young people indicated they’re interested in digital making. This is in line with the views of parents, 89% think it is a worthwhile activity for their children and 73% actively encourage their children to make things with technology.

Opportunities available within organisations in the report stands at 130,080. Popular digital products which young people have made include: music, websites, visuals, games and software. All of which were reported to have been made by more than 50% of children surveyed.

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Organisations providing opportunities for young people to engage in digital making are spread throughout the UK, with the highest number based in the North West, Northern Ireland, London and Scotland.

You can visit the Nesta summary page of the report or download the full version.

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