Meet Tech North’s new hires, helping us do more in 2017

Richard Gregory, January 27, 2017 4 min read

This article was originally posted on the Tech North website.

As we push forward with new initiatives in 2017, we’ve brought on board some new team members to help Tech North make the maximum impact it can across the North of England.

We’ve recently welcomed four new hires, and one member of the team has shifted into a new role. The three you’ll probably be seeing the most of are our Community Engagement Managers: Jazz Hanley in the North West, Kane Fulton in Yorkshire and Humber, and Douglas Jones in the North East. Douglas was previously our Research Manager.

Our Community Engagement Managers will be out and about across the region, acting as the eyes, ears and mouth of Tech North. They’ll make sure we help the tech sector in every way we can, and spread the word about our activities.

Nicola Drinkwater is our new Partnership Manager. She’ll be developing commercial relationships that diversify our income streams and ensure we can do even more in the future.

And last but absolutely not least, Nadina Osmani has joined our content team as Multimedia Content Producer. She’s our in-house graphic design and video editing talent, and she’s a skilled writer too.

My words are all very well, but I thought we’d let all five share a bit more about themselves. Oh, and don’t forget we’re still recruiting for the roles of Programme Coordinator, Research Manager and Northern Stars Programme Manager.

Jazz Hanley: Community Engagement Manager (North West)

Jazz Hanley

Hey, I’m Jazz. I’m originally from Chester and have spent the majority of my adult years in London. I’m now excited to be back in the Northern motherland.

After coming out of University I began working for a property events company, eventually heading up projects in India and the UK. My professional tech adventure began co-founding Propteq, an events and information startup that was formed to bridge the gap between the property and rising technology sectors. I’m excited to be starting with Tech North, and more specifically immersing myself in the North West scene to see how we can raise its profile and grow the ecosystem.

Kane Fulton: Community Engagement Manager (Yorkshire & Humber)

Kane Fulton

To paraphrase Mark Zuckerberg, “People build things because they like building things,” and I get that. I helped build a new chapter in Leeds’ music scene 10 years ago by running a webzine that I built on WordPress. And, as a journalist for TechRadar, I made it my mission to shine a light on Yorkshire’s tech companies.

I love working with the North’s digital communities, and my task of helping to grow the sector by building relationships with the talented individuals that reside in it is one that I relish. It’s a huge challenge, and one that carries an even bigger reward.

Douglas Jones: Community Engagement Manager (North East)

Douglas Jones

My journey into this space is an interesting one. I have a policy background, having worked at the U.S Department of State, serving under Secretaries of State John Kerry and Hillary Clinton.

I embarked on a spontaneous ‘expedition’ to Newcastle on advice from colleagues in Parliament. I discovered that Newcastle and the North East is literally the best region to live in the UK and have since remained. I am excited by the challenges this new role will bring, specifically around scaling local digital businesses. I look forward to working with our key stakeholders and community partners in the months ahead.

Nicola Drinkwater: Partnership Manager

Nicola Drinkwater

I’m the Partnership Manager at Tech North and mum to Ava-Rose, my 6-year-old daughter.

After studying Fashion & Textiles at university, I fell into IT recruitment, which unlocked my well-honed commercial acumen that I then transferred into the digital, creative sector. I then joined one of Manchester’s well known startups and got the ‘bug’ for the ecosystem. For the past 18 months I’ve worked with a portfolio of companies in Manchester, helping with business development strategy and delivery.

I’m really looking forward to building values-aligned relationships with business partners who are leading the way in tech, and supporting the ever growing Northern ecosystem.

Nadina Osmani: Multimedia Content Producer

Nadina Osmani

Hello, my name is Nadina and I’m Liverpool’s foremost Scouse-Bosnian image-maker and writer! By foremost, I mean only. In my previous role, I was a Digital Content Producer for Red Ninja in Liverpool, where I made marketing material such as presentations, films and brochures; delivered social media content and strategy and was in charge of general digital marketing.

My role at Tech North is Multimedia Content Producer, and I’m really passionate about learning and information, so I hope to make Tech North content even more varied, more accessible and better than ever, so lots of different people can enjoy it.

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