Northern SaaS companies wanted to join trade trip to San Fransisco

Nadina Osmani, March 20, 2018 1 min read

This article was originally posted on the Tech North website.

Stuart Townsend of Techelerate Ventures and Manoj Ranaweera of Unified VU have teamed up to take 20 Northern SaaS companies on a trade trip to San Francisco. The trip will take place between 29th April to 4th May 2018, with the hope of helping 20 Northern SaaS companies get easier access to US market.

Bringing UK SaaS to San Francisco

“After visiting San Francisco for a week and attending Small Business Web 2011 Conference, my tech company at the time, grew by 250% in the following year, all thanks to the relationships developed during the Visit.” says Ranaweera.
The Week’s Tech Mission is centred around SaaS Connect, organised by Cloud Software Association, for which Manoj is a Strategic Advisor. This includes three Networking Events, a SaaS Company Tour and a Workshop.
Two of the events will be attended by Investors, SaaS Companies and Specialists. The other event will be co-hosted with British Tech Entrepreneurs and Investors in San Francisco.
“I’m passionate about reducing the North South divide. Generally, Southern tech companies had better access to US markets due to higher level of funding available to them when compared with the Norther tech companies” says Townsend, explaining why he feels the trip is necessary.
Townsend and Ranaweera have collaborated with the Department of International Trade to help participants recover 50% of their costs up to a maximum of £1500.
Applications are currently open. For more information, please visit the #SaaSTMSf18 web page.

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