Panintelligence CEO: Businesses ‘empowering’ non-technical teams during Covid-19

Kane Fulton, August 21, 2020 2 min read

Businesses are shifting their approach to problem solving during the pandemic by ‘empowering’ non-technical workers, according to the CEO of a Leeds-based data analytics scaleup.

Zandra Moore, CEO of Tech Nation Upscale 5.0 alumnus Panintelligence, said that the pandemic has accelerated the ‘Americanised’ concept of the citizen data scientist (or developer) in the UK.

The comment was made at Women in Leeds Digital’s (or WiLD’s) latest ‘What the Tech is next?’ online panel discussion, which brings together digital business leaders from the North of England.

She said: “There has been a huge shift during Covid-19. Instead of big projects sitting within tech departments, or with groups of data scientists, businesses are empowering a level of people that are not necessarily classic technologists or developers by giving them the freedom and budgets to fix problems using tech.

“It is about getting domain owners – people who have the power to understand the context of situations – to use, build tools and make decisions.”

WiLD’s latest discussion was held over Zoom

No code, no problem

Panintelligence recently launched The No Code Lab, an initiative designed to open up the conversation around no-code development practices that allow coding novices to build software solutions.

Zandra said that the ability for people without technical skills to develop software and platforms that require less technical configuration will allow for faster product development and increased experimentation in organisations.

She said: “People can have a go and deploy something quickly and affordably onto scalable cloud infrastructures like AWS, which is doing very well out of this, without having a team of developers and data scientists. If it doesn’t work, you just switch it off.

“Domain experts can de-risk that because there’s a combination of no-code and elastic cloud infrastructure that comes together to accelerate problem solving.”

Zandra was promoted from Sales and Marketing Director to CEO in 2018 having succeeded Panintelligence’s founder Mike Cripps. She was recently named on Computer Weekly’s Most Influential Women in UK Tech’ 2020 list.

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