Pop-up Incubator in Old Street Station Launched: Delivered by Launch22 & Hubble

Avatar, May 6, 2015 2 min read

This article was originally posted on the Tech City UK website.

Startup incubator Launch22 & co-working space provider Hubble team up to open pop-up business incubator in Old Street Station

No equity business incubator and Digital Business Academy reward partner Launch22 has opened a pop-up business incubator in Old Street station, with help from Hubble (online co-working marketplace) and Startup Direct (startup funding provider).

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Operating between 8am – 8pm from Tuesday 5 May until Sunday 10 May, the pop-up incubator provides a co-working space with on site mentors who all have extensive experience running their own businesses. Accountants and lawyers are also available to answer any questions visitors may have. There will also be a range of free evening events to support early stage entrepreneurs.

Based in Shoreditch, Launch22 aims to enable anyone and everyone to become an entrepreneur, with subsidised incubation services and scholarships available for disadvantaged individuals. This mission statement dovetails closely with the Digital Business Academy, which provides free digital business skills courses from world-leading experts. As part of the rewards package, users of the Digital Business Academy are able to get their hands on two months of free co-working space from Launch22, by completing six courses.

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The charity has recently joined forces with the national social business Catch22 in a joint initiative to scale the Shoreditch pilot in cities across the UK. This exciting partnership unites the two charities’ visions to ensure entrepreneurs from all backgrounds get the opportunity to flourish.

Launch22’s Chief Executive, Eddie Holmes, comments: “The opportunity to bring our incubator’s services to people from all walks of life as they pass through Old Street station was one we could not refuse.”

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